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The guidance and motivation of a trainer synced with the perfect playlist:

Aaptiv FREE 30 Day Trial via FemFusion Fitness

If you like the motivation and “push” of a personal trainer but you just don’t have the time (or resources!) to make it to the gym… Or maybe you travel regularly for work or pleasure… Or maybe you’re at home with your kids and can’t attend the group fitness classes you love… Then you’re going to love Aaptiv.

Aaptiv is on-demand audio fitness that combines the guidance of a trainer with the perfect playlist to give you a fresh way to work out.

…no more hopping on a machine with no idea what to do. The instructor-created playlists match the music with the intensity, and the time flies.

Personally, I use Aaptiv to drive me through interval workouts. Although I love gentle movement like walking and yoga, sometimes I want to mix things up with something more intense. And honestly? I need a push to get me through the hardcore stuff! I use Aaptiv’s “outdoor running” workouts (I especially like the trainer Megan) either for walk/run intervals outside OR indoor exercise if the weather is bad!

Stuck inside? Try the “Squat Your Run” workout and either march in place (or bounce on a mini-trampoline) during the “run” intervals, and then follow the squat and lunge cues when it’s time. YOU WILL SWEAT.

Don’t feel like getting sweaty? Aaptiv also has meditation audios! There’s so much to explore, and they’re always adding new goodies to their programming.

One thing I love about Aaptiv is their mission:

“At Aaptiv, we believe that wellness is a lifelong journey. We don’t believe wellness is about striving for a six pack or a bikini body. We believe that Aaptiv should be a tool that helps you live the rest of your life better, whether that means having more energy to play with your kids or going on a hike with a friend. And if you can have a little fun during your workout, all the better!”

I can get behind that!

Just a note: Personally, I think that Aaptiv is ideal for people who are slightly more experienced in the world of fitness and are familiar with common moves and terms (particularly when following the yoga or strength training routines). I also feel that it’s designed more for the general population and less for specific needs such as pregnancy, postpartum, or for people with pelvic floor concerns. But if you’re healthy and already a fitness enthusiast and looking for a CONVENIENT and MOTIVATING new way to train, then Aaptiv is for you!

Get unlimited access to classes in running, cycling, elliptical, yoga, strength training and race training now.

Go to www.aaptiv.com, navigate to the monthly plan, and enter promo code FEMFUSION at checkout for a FREE 30 day trial of Aaptiv! This is a much better deal than their regular free trial, which is only 7 days… So don’t forget to enter the code.

For an even easier way to get started, simply click here! This will take you directly to the monthly plan page so you can get started right away. Remember to enter code FEMFUSION for your free 30 days of workouts!

30-day FREE TRIAL | Aaptiv via FemFusion Fitness

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