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Brianne Grogan | FemFusion Fitness

I grew up designing “dream houses” and wardrobes for my dolls, making magic potions from flowers and weeds, writing stories, and spinning in circles in the outfield during softball practice (I wasn’t very good at sports).

Now, as an adult, I design healthy lifestyles for my clients and myself, I make grown-up “magic potions” using essential oils, I write about women’s health, and I do hip circles to keep my back pain-free and my core strong. So much has changed, and yet so much remains the same!

Brianne Grogan, then and now | FemFusion Fitness

Hi! I’m Brianne.

I am a doctor of physical therapy and a certified women’s health and nutrition coach, but what I’m most excited to tell you is that I’m a regular gal — just like you — with good days and bad days, and my own health challenges and struggles… And I’ve learned a heck of a lot along the way.

My passion, my vision, and my dream is to help women heal their bodies via self-care, healthful nutrition, and safe and effective fitness. It’s a holistic way of living that will change your body and your life, and it’s contagious! When you shine brighter, others around you will notice your brilliance.

YOU CAN BE the woman who radiates confidence and health. YOU CAN BE the woman who lights up the room. You can be the woman who other people look at and wonder, “what’s her secret? I want some of that!”


How can I help you?

God put me on this gorgeous planet to serve women just like you; women who want to improve their health so that they can feel better and SHINE BRIGHTER. 

My job is to provide you a big, warm welcome into the world of women’s health and holistic wellness through my free resources, live events, books, and e-courses. This is how I can serve you, and I hope you’ll accept my help.

Start to explore:

I believe that healthy living can — and should — be FUN… Not “punishment,” hard on your body, deprivation, or a chore. Enjoy exploring my library of women’s health resources. Now’s the time to get started!

Stop waiting for someday. Someday is TODAY.

briannegroganMy slightly-more-formal bio:

I graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2006 from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Inspired by my own pregnancy and postpartum experiences, I chose to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.

In 2009 I left my clinical role and started my own fitness revolution, FemFusion® Fitness. Today, I teach and share my FemFusion philosophy via live and online events, coaching, and my free YouTube videos. I am the author of Lady Bits: Understand Your Body, Elevate Your Health, and Reclaim Your Spark Naturally, a certified women’s health and nutrition coach through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, and a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. Passionate about the mind-body connection, I recently completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program that is registered with Yoga Alliance.

I do not believe in “one size fits all” diet and exercise plans, but stand by one simple rule:

Eat clean, move every day, and you WILL shine brighter!