Are You Getting Meat You Can Trust?

When it comes to buying meat, you can’t compromise on quality. There is a huge difference between ordinary meat from feedlots and 100% grass-fed meat that is pasture raised.

Did you know that 97% of the beef for sale in the U.S. is grain-fed and processed in feedlots? Because of the crowded (and often filthy) conditions, these cattle are fed antibiotics to help prevent the spread of disease. The cattle are also unnaturally obese due to the administration of growth hormones and fatty fillers like corn, soy, and in some cases even animal byproducts and candy (seriously…. candy! Skittles!).

As a result, you get a fatty piece of meat tainted with antibiotics and hormones.

This is not healthy. When we eat animals that are not healthy, we become unhealthy. Our families become unhealthy.

Why is grass-fed superior?

Cows are naturally like four-legged lawn mowers.  Instead of being happy cooped up in small spaces eating all day, they are always on the move, grazing in green pastures. Exercise leads to more muscle tone and leaner cattle. The resulting beef is chewier, contains less fat, it’s rich in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and the flavor is more varied than the typical grocery store cuts of beef that come from corn-raised feedlot cows.

Sadly, only 1-3% of the total beef produced in the United States is 100% grass-fed, and is largely inaccessible in many parts of the country.

Thankfully a new company called ButcherBox has a solution.

ButcherBox delivers premium 100% grass-fed beef, organic/pastured chicken, and heritage breed pork directly to your door. Now you don’t have to seek out the best farmers and sources for your healthiest meat, which can be a time and labor intensive process! If you live within the 48 contiguous United States, ButcherBox will do the work for you.

ButcherBox curates a selection of the tastiest cuts of grass-fed and grass-finished beef, heritage breed pork, and organic/pastured chicken (always free of antibiotics and hormones) from trusted farmers and delivers 8-11 lbs. of meat to your front door every month, which is enough for about 20 individual meals!  You can also choose how often to have a box delivered.  It is a subscription service, but of course, you can cancel anytime if you don’t want to continue getting it.

This is a sample of what my in-laws received in their last ButcherBox delivery:

ButcherBox is more than a monthly box of meat.  You’ll also receive a selection of recipe cards, featuring simple and delicious recipes from their favorite food bloggers and chefs.

If you want to change the food industry, your body, and get healthy, then you have to make a commitment to STOP EATING FACTORY FARMED MEAT.

Get the best meat delivered to your door and the peace of mind that comes with eating meat you can trust! Click here to get started with ButcherBox.

ButcherBox was named The Best Food Box of 2016 by Men’s Health and has been featured by the Today Show, New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, and Food & Wine.

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