DIY Toilet Seat Wipes - An all natural wipe recipe to make and keep with you in your handbag for public restrooms! No, you should not squat! Make your own antibacterial wipes with essential oils. | FemFusion Fitness

DIY Toilet Seat Wipes

I had no idea how many women “hover” over the toilet seat until just recently when I was telling a group of girlfriends about this very blog post. They said, “What?!! You SIT DOWN on public toilet seats?”  Why yes, I do. And if you don’t sit down fully (due to concern over germs), then […]

Pelvic pain and gut microbiome - Expert interview with Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CCN, PT we are talking about bladder pain (including interstitial cystitis), gut health, and how it's all connected. We discuss simple changes you can make in your diet and lifestyle to help combat chronic bladder pain naturally! | FemFusion Fitness

Pelvic Pain and the Gut Microbiome

Learn about pelvic pain and the gut microbiome in this expert interview with my friend and mentor, Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CCN, PT. We discuss bladder pain (including interstitial cystitis), gut health, and how it’s all connected, PLUS Jessica shares simple changes you can make in your diet and lifestyle to help combat chronic bladder […]

Prenatal fitness and yoga precautions | Protect yourself (and baby!) | FemFusion Fitness

Prenatal Fitness + Yoga Precautions

Calling all moms-to-be: I have a new prenatal fitness class on YouTube! I have a few friends who are pregnant right now, and I know that many of my YouTube subscribers are either pregnant, trying to conceive, or recently postpartum… So I figured it was time to bring some FemFusion “Foga” (Fitness + Yoga) to […]

Core + Pelvic Floor Friendly Fitness - Low impact workouts that make you move and groove and bring vitality to the deep core muscles. Core + pelvic floor friendly fitness is appropriate for ANYONE as a proactive approach to PREVENTION of pelvic floor issues. #corestrength #pelvichealth | FemFusion Fitness

What is Core + Pelvic Floor Friendly Fitness?

If you watch my YouTube videos, you’ll hear me dub FemFusion as “the HOME of core + pelvic floor friendly fitness.” But what does that mean? Who is it for? Great questions… I’d like to explain. First, let me back up and say that the pelvic floor is actually an integral part of the core, so […]

Elvie kegel exercise tracker review + video | FemFusion FItness

Your Most “Personal” Trainer: Elvie

Have you heard of “Elvie?” Elvie is a kegel exercise tracker that’s new on the market, and my friends… If you’ve ever wondered what’s ACTUALLY going on when you do your kegels, then you need to try Elvie. Elvie is marketed as your most “personal” trainer, which is a tagline I love. 🙂 It’s very similar […]