Do I have prolapse?

OMG… Do I have prolapse??!

One of my favorite parts of my job is hearing from YOU. Recently, I received the following question from a FemFusion friend: “Hi Brianne! In the last month or so I seem to be developing some pelvic floor issues. I did have a traumatic delivery with my first son that resulted in a grade three tear, but never […]

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“Should I go gluten free?” (plus my story)

I’ve alluded to my struggles with depression but have never fully exposed them before. Now that I’m knee-deep in audio presentations from the Women’s Gluten Free Health Summit, I am being reminded of all the reasons to go g-free, and I’m once again so grateful that I found out — approximately 10 years ago — that I needed […]

Is spring water safe to drink?

I don’t normally accept guest posts, but I actually REQUESTED this article from a dear friend of mine, Julia Markova, a transformational nutrition coach based in Portland, Oregon. Julia is an incredible resource when it comes to all things related to nutrition and wellness, and I truly value and admire her voice, her vision, and the information […]

Healthy Travel: packing + nutrition tips

Who’s the handsome cowboy in the distance in the picture above? It’s my handsome hubby! What a hunk!!! So… Recently, my family and I returned from an amazing week in Malaga, Spain. This trip was sooooo amazing, and so needed! I’ll be posting more about why this trip was so magical in a few weeks, […]

How to recover after being glutened

Please note: I am not a medical doctor nor am I a registered dietician. I’m a physical therapist and a women’s fitness specialist. However, I am extremely sensitive to gluten and have a great deal of personal experience when it comes to being accidentally “glutened.” The following is NOT intended to be used as a replacement for professional medical […]

How to Detox SAFELY: Ask Us Anything!

Hello, beautiful FemFusion friends! A couple of quick announcements. First, I want to remind you about the Zen Mama Health and Wellness Summit. This FREE online event is going to be life-changing… Full of information for ALL women (not just moms). I highly recommend that you register today! Click here to read all about it, […]

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