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Yoga for Beginners

Results from a recent online poll I conducted are in, and I’m excited to say that the next free video series I’ll be filming for YouTube is: YOGA FOR BEGINNERS for core + pelvic health This free series is going to be perfect for anyone who is: tight and stiff new to yoga experienced with yoga, […]

Pelvic release stretches (new video!) | FemFusion FItness

New Pelvic Release Stretches

A few months ago, I recorded a video with several pelvic release stretches and an important message to both women AND MEN, letting them know that they’re not alone if they have pelvic floor dysfunction (i.e. tension, pain, etc.)… And also letting them know that both genders can be affected. I’m humbled to say that […]

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How to fit more movement into your day (tips and videos!) | FemFusion Fitness

Move More for Better Energy and Healthier Aging

Wish you could have better sleep, more energy, less stress, and a calmer, more positive mind? Wondering how to keep off the extra weight as you get older? I have the simplest solution ever: MOVE MORE. That’s it! I know, it sounds too simple to actually work, but fitting more movement into your day is […]

Coaching Club Giveaway | FemFusion FItness


I’m SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS NEWS TODAY, on September 1, which is such a “fresh start” time… A time to “turn over a new leaf” and dive into something exciting FOR YOU now that the kids (or grandkids) are back in school… Here’s the news: I’m starting an exclusive (members-only) online health coaching club […]

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Fitness for ANGER - transform negative energy to peace & calm! | FemFusion Fitness

It’s okay to be mad: Fitness for ANGER

Do you ever get MAD to the point where you feel like you’re going to explode? Do you ever feel INSANE because you can’t “keep it together” the way (it seems like) other people can? You do? ME TOO.  As women, it seems like we’re expected to be the very PICTURE of “femininity:” serene, kind, and […]

Does Power Posing work? My thoughts... (w/ videos!) | FemFusion Fitness

Does power posing work?

Social psychologist and researcher Amy Cuddy coined the term “power posing” several years ago, making waves with her 2012 TED Talk. In her clinical research, Cuddy found that two minutes of power posing could increase levels of testosterone and decrease levels of cortisol, thereby boosting confidence and lowering stress. Although I didn’t read into it at the […]