What to do if you have prolapse | FemFusion Fitness #womenshealth #pelvicfloor

Ask Bri: What to do if you have prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse (when one or more of your pelvic organ/s descend due to loss of support) is extremely common. Unfortunately, it’s also under-discussed! When prolapse is discovered, women often feel betrayed by their bodies, betrayed by their healthcare providers for not diagnosing them sooner (or for not educating them about the condition or the risks in […]

Tips for a tight pelvic floor | FemFusion Fitness #womenshealth

Tips for a tight pelvic floor

From a MALE FemFusion Friend: “I just watched your YouTube video “The pelvic drop to release pelvic floor tension: Three visualizations.” I’m a 25-year-old male who suffers from severe pelvic tension. My pelvic region is always sore and I have frequent urination. When I try to fully relax my body I can actually SEE the muscle […]

Quick workout for naptime (or anytime!) | FemFusion Fitness #movemore

Quick workout for naptime (or anytime!)

If you’re a mom (or grandma, or nanny) and you have a toddler around, you KNOW how it feels to walk on eggshells to keep him or her from waking up from that precious, precious NAP! When you’re looking for a quick workout for naptime (or anytime, for that matter), try this quick + QUIET […]

Are your exercises hurting or helping? Postpartum fitness tips and self-checks that every woman should know! #womenshealth #womensfitness | FemFusion Fitness

Postpartum Fitness: Are your exercises hurting or helping?

Last week, I spoke about postpartum fitness to a group of new (or expectant) mamas. It was AWESOME to be able to share tips that would help them determine whether their exercise program was HURTING THEM, or HELPING THEM. (If you’re thinking, “what??? Exercise can hurt you?” then read on… This is info all women need […]

Quick Back Body Flow for strength and flexibility | FemFusion Fitness

Back Body Flow for Strength and Flexibility

Isn’t the image above gorgeous? No, it’s not me. But the model’s flexibility — and most of all, the look and feel of JOY that her motion portrays — inspires me! This back body flow is one of my favorite workouts, because it FEELS. SO. GOOD. Some of the motions might be a bit much for […]

Beach Bum and Leg Workout | FemFusion Fitness

Beach Bum Workout for a Strong Rear and Legs

I’m going to Spain in a few weeks for another awesome live event at Sun Salute Yoga Studio in Torre de la Horadada! My plans for the trip include beach time, beach time, teaching my workshop, beach time, and then finishing up with more beach time. I’ve got to take advantage of it while I can, right? To […]