Why Women Need Collagen - Our bodies rely on collagen to support healthy hair, skin, and nails, improve bone and joint health, and aid in digestion. From our muscles to our joints and everything in between, maintaining our collagen production is essential for overall health and wellness. | FemFusion Fitness

Why Women Need Collagen

Aesthetically, what do many women worry about after having babies? Stretch marks, lingering “mommy tummy,” and loose skin. Health-wise, what do most modern women experience at one time or another? Inflamed guts, digestive disturbances, low energy, weight management issues, and stiff and/or painful joints. How about issues associated with aging, such as wrinkles, brittle hair […]

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Elvie kegel exercise tracker review + video | FemFusion FItness

Your Most “Personal” Trainer: Elvie

Have you heard of “Elvie?” Elvie is a kegel exercise tracker that’s new on the market, and my friends… If you’ve ever wondered what’s ACTUALLY going on when you do your kegels, then you need to try Elvie. Elvie is marketed as your most “personal” trainer, which is a tagline¬†I love. ūüôā It’s very similar […]

Brain food! Magnesium-rich make-ahead salad #glutenfree | FemFusion FItness

Brain food! Recipe for focus and memory

As a child, my parents encouraged me to FUEL¬†my body and mind. “Eat up,” my dad would say…. “This is brain food!” Other family favorites were, “Eat up… This is GROWING food!” and the all-purpose, “This’ll stick to your ribs!” Healthy, hearty food was a way that my parents showed me¬†love and affection, and I […]

Anti-aging posture! You'll look taller and slimmer, and your pelvic floor will thank you. #womenshealth #healthyaging #posture | FemFusion Fitness

Anti-Aging Posture: Free Training

Anti-aging posture, plus look taller and slimmer… Did the words “anti-aging posture” get your attention? I mean, seriously…¬†Who doesn’t want to look younger and sleeker?!!¬†Time¬†only marches FORWARD, and there’s no slowing it down.¬†Although we can (and should) EMBRACE¬†the process of aging,¬†I’d venture to guess that 100% of us would like¬†to age as gracefully as possible. […]

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How to fit more movement into your day (tips and videos!) | FemFusion Fitness

Move More for Better Energy and Healthier Aging

Wish you could have better sleep, more energy, less stress, and a calmer, more positive mind? Wondering how to keep off the extra weight as you get older? I have the simplest solution ever: MOVE MORE. That’s it! I know, it sounds too simple to actually work, but fitting more movement into your day is […]

Ritual: Morning Lemon Water

Have you seen¬†my free training about making healthy changes that last? In it, I address the importance of morning rituals, and how the first 30 minutes of your day sets the tone for the ENTIRE rest of your day. Morning rituals don’t¬†have to be long or arduous; they can be as simple as lighting a […]