Walking sticks: not just for gramps!

Blanket statement: I must stop passing judgment. Every time I judge something harshly, it ends up A) happening to me, or B) I end up doing it. This is a case of the latter. In the not too distant past I snickered at folks who participated in Nordic Walking, which is defined as “an enhancement […]

My Tattoo

A few days ago I was spending some time on the glorious time-suck we call “Facebook,” and I came across a fun comment thread about tattoos. A friend of mine is considering a typography tattoo of a favorite quotation, and her friends chimed in with their advice, personal experiences, etc. It got me thinking about […]

Happy birthday to me!

Our household is growing up! My “baby” celebrated his fourth birthday a few weeks ago, and I’m about to turn the big 3-1. I realize that 31 is by no means old; however, I have noticed a few “special” things that have happened since reaching my third decade. A few wrinkles, a stray grey (or two, […]

Vacation recap (with just a bit of a rant)

We just returned from a four day trip to Munich (Germany) and the Tyrol Valley (in Austria). I had been to Austria once before in high school as a “Student Ambassador,” but it was a relatively quick stop on a three country tour, and the focus was more on the major attractions in Salzburg and […]

Sex and Aging

The traditional stereotype of “asexual old age” is changing… Women are embracing their sexuality well into midlife and beyond, and society is more accepting of the fact that later-life sexuality occurs and can be TERRIFIC for those who choose to pursue sex into their 70’s, 80’s and beyond! A few things to be aware of, […]