Keep your joints juicy! Synovial fluid basics | FemFusion Fitness

Synovial Fluid (how to keep your joints juicy)

Are you an anatomy geek? Me too! If you’re not, then you should be, because learning how your body works ROCKS. It helps you understand WHY it’s important to eat well, WHY it’s imperative to move your body, and how what you do today can (and will) affect you tomorrow. Before I go on, I want to reassure you […]

The power of multiplanar movement | FemFusion Fitness

Multiplanar Movement: Hip Figure 8’s (3 ways)

Multiplanar movement is powerful, folks… In case you miss it in the video below, you’ll hear my friend Amy say, “hip circles have changed my life!” This is not an exaggeration! When you add more multiplanar movement to your day, whether it’s in the form of hip circles and hip figure 8’s (like I promote) or any […]

menopause summit

Free Menopause Summit! Menopause is a Trip 2016

If you’re a woman in your prime, you already know that menopause is a trip. At 35 years old I’m not quite “there” myself, but I’ve worked with hundreds of women who are there (or who have been and gone), and I know that it can be a wild ride. That’s why I’m pleased to invite […]

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hip stretches

My Favorite Hip Stretches (VIDEO)

Tight, stiff hips? If you — like SO MANY women I know — have tight hips, you aren’t alone. You need to do hip stretches to prevent hip pain, back pain, decreased mobility, balance issues… The works. In other words, you need this video. You might not like it, but you need it. 😉 On the […]

2015 Gift Guide for Women

Happy holidays! I know, I know… It’s early. It’s only mid-October. But many of you (myself included) are already starting to think about the season of giving. You’re wondering what to buy, you’re looking at the calendar and budgeting in lead-time for orders and shipping, etc… So let’s get right to it. I have all […]

“What does prolapse look like?” and other prolapse Q’s

FEBRUARY 2016 UPDATE: I recently came across a fantastic visual aid for those of you who are wondering what prolapse looks like! Before reading on, CLICK HERE. Check out the images and videos, and then come back to my blog to read my post. Kudos to ACOG for putting together such a great visual aid. […]