Magic Trick: 3 quick kegels for urinary urgency

It works like magic: When you have to pee — I mean, REALLY have to pee — and you’re not close to a restroom, try doing 3 quick kegels (contract-relax, contract-relax, and contract-relax ALL THE WAY). Like magic, the feeling of “OMG I’m gonna wet myself!” will subside. This magic trick doesn’t make the urge to […]

“Trust yourself” for a strong core and better balance

A few days ago I blogged about mindset; about being kind to yourself in order to built TRUST in yourself. I mean, seriously… You wouldn’t kick a cat, or a kid… So please don’t kick yourself when you aren’t reaching your goals as quickly as you’d like, or making the progress that you think you […]

NEW morning workout for digestion

One of the most important things I talk about in my new book, Lady Bits, and also something that I’ve been noticing in my own life (personally), is the importance of honoring your body’s changing needs. Just as you’ll probably experience shifts and changes in your interests (and even your career!) over the course of time, […]

Fertility in your thirties and forties

I don’t typically invite guests to post on my blog, but I am THRILLED to have Marc Sklar here with us today. I recently had the pleasure of guest-posting on his blog, and now he’s stopping by FemFusion Fitness to share his vast knowledge about fertility in your thirties and forties. Does this topic resonate with […]

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There is no finish line… Exercise for life

You grow up. You’re no longer part of your high school volleyball team; you’re no longer working toward a varsity letter or advancing to captain of the cheerleading squad. You don’t have pep rallies to attend. There’s no build-up toward the “end of the season,” and there’s no more pressure to “take state.” You get married. […]

Tara’s story: “Listen to your instincts”

I am honored to introduce Tara, a longtime friend who has a very important story to share about the importance of listening to your instincts, knowing your body, and remembering your annual GYN exams. Her story will blow your mind. Enter Tara:  I am a wife, a mother to two daughters, a dance teacher, friend, […]

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