Unconventional Weight Loss

Mark your calendars!!! There’s a new FREE online event that I’m excited to tell you about. It’s called the Unconventional Weight Loss Convention, and you’re invited! Suz Crawt (the event organizer) has brought together 28 amazing speakers who will be providing info to help you lose weight and FEEL BETTER this year. As Suz (an […]

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Does alcohol tolerance change with age?

The holiday season means laughter! Fun! Good times! And… More often than not, WINE! The sobering reality is that our body’s ability to metabolize alcohol — and therefore our physical response to alcohol — can change over time. This is an often-reported issue among women; not only is it something I’ve seen in the literature, […]

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Healthy Aging Tips: Q & A (audio)

I’ll tell you one thing about me: I’m loyal. I have been a longtime fan and loyal follower of Leanne Vogel, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and the founder of Healthful Pursuit, for as long as she’s been blogging (which has been a long time)! So when Leanne asked me to do a Q & A interview […]

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Everyday Superfoods for Healthy Aging (and bloat relief!)

Seriously… HOW GOOD DO THOSE ORANGES LOOK? The juiciness! The flavor explosion! My mouth waters just looking at the picture. My favorite way to enjoy sliced oranges is with a dash of cinnamon, which helps to stabilize blood sugar. But before I get too hungry, let’s move on to today’s topic: the health benefits (and anti-bloating benefits!) […]

Can green tea help you live longer?

Did you catch our last anti-aging spotlight? It was all about MELON and included a dee-LISH recipe for watermelon-ginger lemonade (pictured below). So yum. Click here to read about the anti-aging properties of melon and to see the eye-wrinkle photo that started this blog post series! 😉 Today we’re highlighting green tea and its effect on […]

Anti aging foods: Melon

Aging sneaks up on us, doesn’t it? Recently, my husband and I took a “selfie” of the two of us. After, I looked at the photo and said, “who the heck are those people? The ones with all the wrinkles around the eyes?” I met my husband in junior high school and I’m often genuinely […]