How low can you go? How – and why – to do a deep squat

Hello friends! If you’re an email subscriber, you’ve probably already seen the video I’m about to share. (And if you’re NOT an email subscriber, WHY??? Girl, you’ve gotta get on that! Sign up here.) Here’s the video — our most recent “Midweek Move.” Take a look! It’s just 7 minutes long, and goes through a […]

Prevent Hunchback: The 30-30 Rule

When I was in PT (physical therapy) school, my classmates and I loved the “30-30 rule.” Basically, it gave us license to pipe up when a lecturer got long-winded. One of us would raise our hand and say, “excuse me… But isn’t it time for the 30-30 rule?” Since physical therapists value movement so much, […]

Incidental movement: what it is, and why it’s great

One of my favorite things to talk about is “moving more.” Have you noticed this theme over the last few posts and videos? I recently read an article about an amazing 94-year old woman named Olga Kotelko, a beautiful, healthy woman who is defying expectations and continues to shatter records in “masters” track and field […]

Posture and Movement for Bladder Health

This is the fifth — and final (for now) — installment in our Healthy Bladder Series! Click here to see the first installment about problems associated with “hovering” over the toilet seat to urinate, click here for the second article about how to FULLY empty your bladder, click here for the third installment about eating for a healthy bladder, […]

This is why I do kegels

“The pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” -Louis Pasteur’s deathbed words I’m sick. In fact, my whole family is sick. Unfortunately, I know how it started… All of our immune systems have been compromised lately by eating too many treats, being too busy, and staying up too late. Couple three weak immune systems (i.e. […]

YOGA:10 mins a day prevents/reverses bone loss

Note: This is a guest post by Katy Kemp, Partner in Business Operations for FemFusion Fitness.  I’m a physical therapist and I typically work with women in the sunset stage of life. This is the time when our skeleton starts to reveal the effects aging.  We do our best to stay healthy but imbalance, degeneration […]