INSTANT Beauty Inside and Out: Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

Hallelujah… Spring is here! Life is waking up. The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing again. But something internally is awakening too. It’s time to cultivate new beginnings, and shed of our physical and mental weight that has been nourishing us during the dark days of winter. I don’t know if you feel […]

Can a smoothie reverse gray hair?

Recently, a friend directed me to an article about a smoothie that will (supposedly) reverse gray hair. I’m in my thirties and a few silver strands are starting to pop up, so this immediately piqued my attention. Here’s a link to the article (click here). In a nutshell, a woman named Ann Wigmore was the first person […]

Wake Up Your Booty

Remember my article about the importance of MOVEMENT? Well, I have to get up on my soapbox again. I posted the video (directly below) on our FemFusion Fitness Facebook page recently, and a Fem Friend made me laugh when she referenced “gluteal amnesia” from sitting all day. Gluteal amnesia… Yes! I love it! Our buns have forgotten what it […]

Making Your Health a Priority

I was honored to be invited back — for the second time! — to my local MOPS group to talk about women’s health and fitness. The title of the meeting was “Making Your Health a Priority.” I presented this morning, and I had a great time answering questions, kegel-ing, and even “shaking it” with the […]

Key to Life Addendum: MOVEMENT helps you live longer

Last week I wrote about the five keys to living a long, healthy life. Today I want to add two more elements… 1) Eat Clean, and 2) Move Every Day Let’s focus on MOVEMENT. Recently, I came across an article on Stephanie Rupert’s fantastic blog, Paleo for Women, titled “The One Big Reason You Should Walk, not Run, […]

5 secrets to health and happiness

Kim, my beloved teacher, healer, and friend, was recently in town for a few days. She had just returned from a magical — at times gut-wrenchingly difficult and at times blissful enough to make her heart soar — journey through Nepal and India. She saw many extremes… Pollution and then breathtaking sunrises, poverty and sickness, […]