My path to adrenal fatigue and my recovery so far

Fair warning: This is going to be a long post, and a personal post about some recent twists and turns in my health journey. By writing this, I hope to help someone who may be experiencing similar symptoms. If you feel bone-tired and absolutely depleted, please know that there is hope! Read on, and share […]

FemFusion Fitness for Teen Girls: BOOM! (Success!)

I was thrilled to spend the morning movin’ and groovin’ with these girls (plus another, not in the picture)… I hope they had as much fun as I did! For me, this was a very special opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of girls who are just setting out on their own […]

Daughter not sporty? That’s okay! Get girls to love MOVEMENT.

It cracks me up that I have built my personal and professional life around fitness, because I was always the last one picked for the team in Physical Education (PE) class. Unless my friends had pity on me, I usually heard — with serious apprehension in the voice of the team-picker — “Well… I guess […]

How to look 5 pounds lighter in 5 seconds

The title of this post is a bit sensationalistic, like it should be on the cover of a women’s magazine such as Fitness or Cosmo… But it’s true! Standing with proper posture and alignment will make you look slimmer and taller and — more importantly — will protect your neck, back, hips, and knees. Watch […]

Get it on the calendar: Your monthly BSE

Cancer. I am not going to go into a lengthy discussion about the condition itself, but cancer (in general) has been on my mind lately. It just keeps coming up in conversation. I keep hearing about young, seemingly vital and healthy people who go in for an exam and come out with a terminal diagnosis. […]

Potty Talk: How to make it to the bathroom on time

Let’s do some Potty Talk. Not the “fart jokes” your 5-year-old tells; rather, REAL ISSUES that REAL WOMEN deal with. Raise your hand if you’ve ever freaked out because you had to urinate SUPER BADLY, and there was no restroom available. Now raise your hand if this happens to you regularly. Maybe it has gotten worse […]