Day 66: Essential Core Strengthening for Female Runners

Fem365: Fitness. Food. Femininity. I’m so proud of my local friends who completed the Paris half marathon last weekend… Rockstars, all of them! I have fielded a lot of questions over the years about stretching and strengthening exercises to augment running programs. My recommended strengthening exercises are to come, but first, a bit more about me […]

Day 55: Control = Confidence.

Those of you who are familiar with me know that I love talking about the pelvic floor. I love talking about kegels, I love talking about gaining control and awareness of the pelvic floor muscles… Let’s face it, I’m a pelvic floor passionista! I recently wrote an article that was featured on Dr. Michelle Segar’s […]

Leaving a legacy of health.

I might have already mentioned that I’m in the midst of Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” course. Dave likes to talk about “changing your family tree” in terms of dumping debt, learning how to manage money wisely, and then passing the information on to your kids, grandkids, etc. He is a proponent of change… Changing the way […]

Day 33: Try a new exercise this week.

Fem365: Fitness. Food. Femininity. I did it! I swam… In the lap-pool. Granted, it was with a kickboard, but I managed to splash around in a (somewhat) orderly fashion for 20 minutes this morning, while my son was in swimming lessons. By now it must be clear to you that I am NOT a swimmer. […]

Day 31: Fit-tips for travel (and more pics!), Part Deux

Fem365: Fitness. Food. Femininity. We woke up to a fun surprise — snow!  It was cold and windy, but it didn’t slow us down. I fit in a quick strengthening routine that can be done anywhere, anytime… No matter how small the hotel room is!!! Triceps dips: Place your hands on the edge of your […]

Fit-tips for travel (plus pics from our trip!), Part 1

My husband and I just got back from France! Our son enjoyed the weekend with some great friends of ours (thank you, J and N!) and we enjoyed a weekend away, sans child. I’ll tell you where we went, but first, let’s talk about fitness!!!  My favorite fitness trick for travel is to get a […]