Keep your joints juicy! Synovial fluid basics | FemFusion Fitness

Synovial Fluid (how to keep your joints juicy)

Are you an anatomy geek? Me too! If you’re not, then you should be, because learning how your body works ROCKS. It helps you understand WHY it’s important to eat well, WHY it’s imperative to move your body, and how what you do today can (and will) affect you tomorrow. Before I go on, I want to reassure you […]

Shimmy to RELEASE TENSION! Why and how #womensfitness #womenshealth | FemFusion Fitness

Release Tension with Shimmies + Fascia 101

Tense? Tired? Sore? Boost your energy and RELEASE TENSION with SHIMMIES! Shoulder and hip shimmies are a fantastic way to “shake things up” and release both pelvic and neck/shoulder tension. If you have a desk job, or if you’re a pregnant or nursing mom, I know you know what I mean by neck and shoulder tension… […]

The Hardest Quarter Inch: Awesome deep abs exercise! | FemFusion Fitness

The hardest quarter inch you’ll ever move

This is the hardest quarter inch you’ll ever move. It’s one of my favorite deep ab exercises, and one that I’ve been doing for years! I used it DAILY when I was in clinical practice as a physical therapist, and today I’m sharing it with you. Don’t let the “small-ness” of the movement fool you… […]

Summer workouts for women! Awesome workout roundup | FemFusion Fitness

Summer Workouts for Women

I can’t BELIEVE how many YouTube videos I’ve made over the years!!! This summer workout roundup is extensive because there were so many goodies to choose from. I fully admit, some of these videos are OLD, and many of them have pretty cruddy sound quality. You’ll also see a wide variety of hair lengths and […]

Beat back pain, tone your core! The Circle Solution FAQ | FemFusion Fitness

The Circle Solution FAQ

The Circle Solution is here! Let’s get ready to CIRCLE!!! Beat back pain, tone your core, and learn how to make flowing, multi-planar movement a part of your everyday life. Got questions? See below! Q: I have a herniated disc in my lower back. Are hip circles safe for me? A: YES, hip circles should be fine, even with a […]

Thutt Exercises for Looser Hips and a Lifted Rear

I have to thank my friend Jill for introducing me to the term “thutt:” the place where your thighs meet your butt. In proper anatomical terminology, the thutt is actually called the “gluteal fold” or “gluteal sulcus,” but THUTT is much more fun! Jill taught me some awesome thutt exercises that I’ve been doing regularly, in my […]