10 reasons hip circles rock! | FemFusion Fitness

10 reasons hip circles rock (+ live webcast!)

I love hip circles. Wanna know why? Read on for 10 reasons hip circles rock, and watch below for a super casual chat where I riff on ALL the wonderful reasons hip circles have become a staple in my daily life, and why they should become a staple in YOUR life, too. I even share some funny […]

Bladder Leakage While Running | FemFusion Fitness

Help! Bladder Leakage While Running

Bladder leakage while running is common… Surprisingly common! If you’ve experienced it, you’re certainly not alone. Many women, especially pregnant and postpartum women, have experienced this unfortunate “surprise” that develops — often (seemingly) — out of the blue. I received the following message from a FemFusion friend just the other day. She gave me permission to share […]

EVB Sport Review: Engineered Support in All the Right Places #womenshealth #workoutwear

EVB Sport Review: Engineered Support

I’m kind of addicted to EVB Sport. I first met engineer (and mom, and marathoner) Yvonne Brady at a women’s health conference in London, and was bowled over by her enthusiasm, her PASSION, and her commitment to helping women with pelvic floor issues. Because of her own pelvic floor dysfunction and a lack of products on […]

How multi-planar movement can prevent and treat #chronicpain | 30-minute interview w/ Eva Wennes and Brianne Grogan, FemFusion Fitness

My interview with Eva Wennes

I feel so lucky to have been able to share my passion and strategies for treating chronic pain in the recent Pain-Free for Life Summit! My interview with Eva Wennes is below. We discuss everything from diastasis recti to kegels to hip circles to the importance of eating more fat… It’s packed full of goodness, […]

Yoga Mat Affirmations | FemFusion Fitness

Yoga Mat Affirmations

Can you tell that I’ve been “feeling it” for yoga lately? Yoga is not new to me; I’ve been practicing yoga since I was in my teens, although not as consistently as I do today. In my last post, I discussed the importance of maintaining proper alignment during yoga (and how practicing in your undies […]

Why I do yoga in my undies... (Hint: it's all about alignment!) | FemFusion Fitness

Why I Do Yoga In My Undies

I do yoga in my undies. It’s not to admire myself, and it’s not some kind of “kinky” thing… Rather, partially-clothed yoga (or heck, even naked yoga) is all about alignment! In day-to-day life, maintaining good posture and alignment is super important. But in yoga, alignment is EVERYTHING. If you’re not properly aligned, you can really hurt yourself. When […]