The power of multiplanar movement | FemFusion Fitness

Multiplanar Movement: Hip Figure 8’s (3 ways)

Multiplanar movement is powerful, folks… In case you miss it in the video below, you’ll hear my friend Amy say, “hip circles have changed my life!” This is not an exaggeration! When you add more multiplanar movement to your day, whether it’s in the form of hip circles and hip figure 8’s (like I promote) or any […]

Travel Fitness + Airplane Bathroom Mini-Workout! | FemFusion Fitness

Airplane Fitness + Travel Essentials

Airplane fitness is a must when traveling. I am blessed to have two trips coming up within the next month, which makes my mind + spirit EXCITED, but my body CRINGE. I can already feel the crick in my neck, the mid-back tension, and the achy hips from too much sitting. Between the drive to […]

Full-length #womensfitness class ONLINE! Free! | FemFusion Fitness

Full-length FemFusion Class Online

I’m so excited about this! After years of saying I’d do it, I finally did it… Filmed a full-length FemFusion class so you can see what I really do and teach. For a full-length FemFusion class online, click the video below. FemFusion is my passion project. Seven years ago, in 2009, I created my “baby” (FemFusion […]

Quick + effective butt and thigh workout... Without squats! | FemFusion Fitness

Squatless butt, hamstring, and core workout

When deciding on the title for this post and video, I really struggled: Squatless butt workout? Squatless bum workout? Bottom? Booty? Buttocks? Gluteal? HONESTLY! The choosing of that single word has me all stressed out. To be perfectly honest, I say “butt,” which — even to me — sounds kind of crude. But gluteal and buttocks are just […]

Neck, shoulder, and upper back stretches | FemFusion Fitness

Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Back Stretches

This one’s for you, my friends! My newest video — because you ladies asked for it — includes a variety of neck, shoulder, and upper back stretches. These moves are ideal for office workers or nursing mamas, and can help prevent (or decrease) back and neck pain and tension, prevent tension headaches, and improve posture. The first half of the […]

Fun with Squats! 15-minute challenge

A Note to YouTube Trolls + Fun With Squats!

I have a new video for you… Fun with squats! But first, I have to get something off my chest. The other day, I woke up to the following comment about one of my old YouTube videos (which I’ve since removed from my YouTube channel). The following “morning greeting” was in my email inbox… Imagine waking […]