How to keep your New Year’s Resolution

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep your New Year’s Resolution, then you’re in good company. The following is from a FemFusion friend: “For the new year I would like to commit to workouts every day or every other day. I tried it last year, and I was doing really good for a couple weeks, […]

Recovery Moves Between Intervals

The following question from a FemFusion friend prompted me to discuss recovery moves between intervals. She asks: “What can I do between intervals? Do I just stand there? Walk around? How long do I have to wait between intervals? Is there anything I can do to maximize the efficiency of my interval training workout and […]

confused inchworm

“Confused Inchworm” for the Arms + Core

This move is so much fun! Give my “confused inchworm” a try and feel a (good) burn in your shoulders, arms, and core after just a few repetitions. The “confused inchworm” is an ideal exercise to do when you’re short on time and tight on space. The general instructions are: inch your hands forward, keeping your feet […]

hip stretches

My Favorite Hip Stretches (VIDEO)

Tight, stiff hips? If you — like SO MANY women I know — have tight hips, you aren’t alone. You need to do hip stretches to prevent hip pain, back pain, decreased mobility, balance issues… The works. In other words, you need this video. You might not like it, but you need it. 😉 On the […]

healthy is beautiful

The Sisterhood (what I love about FemFusion Fitness)

{The Sisterhood} We come together as a sisterhood United by our HUMANITY — Not just by our gender. We delight in our differences And marvel at our similarities. We sweat together We laugh together We push our physical limits together. Some come as strangers, But everyone leaves as friends. This is the power of movement, […]

“Triple A” to tone your trouble zones

“Trouble zones.” Hmmm… I might have mis-worded that. Instead of “trouble zones,” let’s consider these areas “EXTRA LOVE ZONES;” regions that need a little extra light, a little extra love, a little extra tenderness… And a little extra toning. If you only have time for one core fitness move today, then try my “Triple A” […]