Pelvic release stretches (new video!) | FemFusion FItness

New Pelvic Release Stretches

A few months ago, I recorded a video with several pelvic release stretches and an important message to both women AND MEN, letting them know that they’re not alone if they have pelvic floor dysfunction (i.e. tension, pain, etc.)… And also letting them know that both genders can be affected. I’m humbled to say that […]

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Cranberry-Orange Smoothie for Bladder Health | FemFusion Fitness

Cranberry Orange Smoothie for Bladder Health

One of the many things I love about Thanksgiving and Christmas is the availability of fresh cranberries, those gorgeous red globes of goodness that make turkey SO FUN! I don’t really care for turkey, but you dollop some cranberry relish on it, and I’m hooked. Turkey coma here I come!!! Cranberries are one of the worlds […]

Breast Health Exam & Rollerball Bottle

I had a breast health scare last month. (It was actually several months in the making.) I noticed some tenderness on the lateral side of my left breast. It started to become really bothersome… It hurt to be hugged, and I even felt it when doing certain yoga poses, such as plank to chaturanga dandasana. First I ignored […]

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Bone-building, immune-boosting #dairyfree smoothie | FemFusion Fitness

Green Smoothie Tips + Bone Building Recipe

Smoothies are a convenient way to get a meal-full of goodness in a glass. Many of you use smoothies as your go-to breakfast or mid-morning snack, and that’s wonderful! If you’re like me, you feel especially “virtuous” when you make a GREEN smoothie loaded with raw veg and fruit. Well girlfriend, you ARE virtuous, and […]

Elvie kegel exercise tracker review + video | FemFusion FItness

Your Most “Personal” Trainer: Elvie

Have you heard of “Elvie?” Elvie is a kegel exercise tracker that’s new on the market, and my friends… If you’ve ever wondered what’s ACTUALLY going on when you do your kegels, then you need to try Elvie. Elvie is marketed as your most “personal” trainer, which is a tagline I love. 🙂 It’s very similar […]

Anti-aging posture! You'll look taller and slimmer, and your pelvic floor will thank you. #womenshealth #healthyaging #posture | FemFusion Fitness

Anti-Aging Posture: Free Training

Anti-aging posture, plus look taller and slimmer… Did the words “anti-aging posture” get your attention? I mean, seriously… Who doesn’t want to look younger and sleeker?!! Time only marches FORWARD, and there’s no slowing it down. Although we can (and should) EMBRACE the process of aging, I’d venture to guess that 100% of us would like to age as gracefully as possible. […]

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