Sources of gluten, and where it hides! | FemFusion Fitness

Sources of Gluten (and Where Gluten Hides!)

These days it seems like everyone is gluten-free! So much so, that I just ASSUME my FemFusion friends will know what gluten is, sources of gluten, where gluten hides, and why you might want to avoid it. But the reality is that although gluten is a buzzword, there are still many people who don’t know much about […]

Ritual: Morning Lemon Water

Have you seen my free training about making healthy changes that last? In it, I address the importance of morning rituals, and how the first 30 minutes of your day sets the tone for the ENTIRE rest of your day. Morning rituals don’t have to be long or arduous; they can be as simple as lighting a […]

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I’m SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS NEWS TODAY, on September 1, which is such a “fresh start” time… A time to “turn over a new leaf” and dive into something exciting FOR YOU now that the kids (or grandkids) are back in school… Here’s the news: I’m starting an exclusive (members-only) online health coaching club […]

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What to do if you have prolapse | FemFusion Fitness #womenshealth #pelvicfloor

Ask Bri: What to do if you have prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse (when one or more of your pelvic organ/s descend due to loss of support) is extremely common. Unfortunately, it’s also under-discussed! When prolapse is discovered, women often feel betrayed by their bodies, betrayed by their healthcare providers for not diagnosing them sooner (or for not educating them about the condition or the risks in […]

Tips for a tight pelvic floor | FemFusion Fitness #womenshealth

Tips for a tight pelvic floor

From a MALE FemFusion Friend: “I just watched your YouTube video “The pelvic drop to release pelvic floor tension: Three visualizations.” I’m a 25-year-old male who suffers from severe pelvic tension. My pelvic region is always sore and I have frequent urination. When I try to fully relax my body I can actually SEE the muscle […]

Be part of the vision! Safe + FUN new way to engage your core muscles, reduce your low back pain, re-connect with your abs, your breath, and even your feminine energy... #circlerevolution | FemFusion Fitness

My Million Women Vision

It’s my birthday! For my birthday, I hope you’ll give me the gift of 5 minutes. Take 5 to read about my million women vision, and then — if you want to wrap it up with ribbons and confetti and birthday streamers — share this with a friend. Real quick: if you don’t already know me, let me introduce […]