Hiking and prolapse... How to cope! #womenshealth | FemFusion Fitness

Hiking with Prolapse

Hiking with prolapse is possible (wahoo!!!), and it’s an AWESOME alternative to high-impact exercise (such as running) for women who want to get their heart rate up without overly taxing their pelvic floor. The ups and downs and uneven terrain of a hiking trail is a great way to amp up your workout WITHOUT repetitive pounding. That […]

Keep your joints juicy! Synovial fluid basics | FemFusion Fitness

Synovial Fluid (how to keep your joints juicy)

Are you an anatomy geek? Me too! If you’re not, then you should be, because learning how your body works ROCKS. It helps you understand WHY it’s important to eat well, WHY it’s imperative to move your body, and how what you do today can (and will) affect you tomorrow. Before I go on, I want to reassure you […]

Shimmy to RELEASE TENSION! Why and how #womensfitness #womenshealth | FemFusion Fitness

Release Tension with Shimmies + Fascia 101

Tense? Tired? Sore? Boost your energy and RELEASE TENSION with SHIMMIES! Shoulder and hip shimmies are a fantastic way to “shake things up” and release both pelvic and neck/shoulder tension. If you have a desk job, or if you’re a pregnant or nursing mom, I know you know what I mean by neck and shoulder tension… […]

Pelvic Health 101 (2 videos) | FemFusion FItness

Pelvic Health Basics

I joked with a friend the other day that although my favorite topic (pelvic health) may not be the most popular subject matter, at least there’s job security in it. Why? Because pelvic health is NOT typically discussed, and — to be honest with you — it is not well-understood by the majority of women. Personally, […]

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10 reasons hip circles rock! | FemFusion Fitness

10 reasons hip circles rock (+ live webcast!)

I love hip circles. Wanna know why? Read on for 10 reasons hip circles rock, and watch below for a super casual chat where I riff on ALL the wonderful reasons hip circles have become a staple in my daily life, and why they should become a staple in YOUR life, too. I even share some funny […]

Bladder Leakage While Running | FemFusion Fitness

Help! Bladder Leakage While Running

Bladder leakage while running is common… Surprisingly common! If you’ve experienced it, you’re certainly not alone. Many women, especially pregnant and postpartum women, have experienced this unfortunate “surprise” that develops — often (seemingly) — out of the blue. I received the following message from a FemFusion friend just the other day. She gave me permission to share […]