FemFusion® Fitness classes are designed exclusively for women, with YOUR unique fitness needs in mind. FemFusion classes follow a strategic formula designed to mobilize and strengthen the entire body with a special focus on core training. Developed by a women’s health physical therapist, FemFusion combines dance, micro-moves for deep muscle recruitment, power moves for total-body strengthening, and Pilates-inspired mat work. The result is a low-impact but incredibly effective 60-minute workout designed to lift and firm every inch of your body.

If you like dancing but you don’t like getting lost in complicated moves… If you like pushing yourself without getting injured… If you like to feel fit, firm, and strong through the thighs, hips, and core… Then FemFusion® is for you. Go beyond abdominal exercises and learn how to effectively utilize your pelvic floor and core muscles to increase stability, balance, and control. We are absolutely committed to creating a supportive, encouraging, and non-intimidating environment in all of our classes. No shouting, bullying, or whip-cracking allowed… No jumping, pounding, or pushing yourself into you want to pass out. Get fit and feel great doing it. Feminine movement is for all women to enjoy! Click here to see what other women have to say.

It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s YOURS.


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