I’m going to start a series of posts that focus on RELAXATION of the pelvic muscles. Ahhhh…. Relaxation. What a yummy word.

Butt clenching goes right along with pelvic floor clenching, which can go right along with pelvic pain. Clenching of any muscle leads to muscle fatigue, and in some cases, muscle spasm (and pain)! I’ve noted that many of my patients who have pelvic pain are chronic butt and pelvic floor clenchers.

Gently engaging the pelvic floor muscles during activity is fine, and squeezing and lifting the pelvic floor when doing kegel exercises (or when coughing or sneezing) is great.  But in order for your muscles to work properly when you want them to/need them to, you MUST let them relax! You have to give them some down-time. So — especially if you suffer from chronic pelvic pain and/or pain with intercourse — notice your backside.

Don’t be a butt clencher.

Check in every once in a while to see if you’re unintentionally squeezing your gluteal (butt) muscles. If you are, try to let them go. Just let them be jelly. It’s a good thing, especially when you’re just sittin’ around! My upcoming posts should help clarify further…  Keep checking back!