I’m kind of addicted to EVB Sport.

I first met engineer (and mom, and marathoner) Yvonne Brady at a women’s health conference in London, and was bowled over by her enthusiasm, her PASSION, and her commitment to helping women with pelvic floor issues. Because of her own pelvic floor dysfunction and a lack of products on the market that could address her concerns, Yvonne took a leap of faith and left her long-time career as an engineer to create immaculately engineered SPORTSWEAR designed specifically for women.

With a team of experts and her own engineering experience, Yvonne created EVB Sport.

Yvonne’s products have been tested (and approved) in research studies AND in the real world, by real women. I tested EVB leggings and shorts myself, and I can say that they stand by their tagline of having “engineered support in all the right places.”

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll show some images that capture my experience with EVB Sport. If you’re an audio-visual type of gal, watch the brief video review below.

Independent physiological tests show EVB sportswear activates the core muscles, engages the pelvic floor, and supports lower back for increased muscular strength and performance.

As I state in the video above, EVB won’t reverse prolapse if you already have it. They’re great, but they’re not magic! However, EVB sportswear will cause your pelvic floor and core muscles to “turn on” just a little bit more. This can ease symptoms of mild prolapse and may even help progression of prolapse by increasing muscular activation and support.

I received both the shorts and the leggings, and I’ve gotta say, the leggings are my fave.

EVB Sport Review: Engineered Support in All the Right Places #womenshealth #workoutwear

Different weights/thickness of material are used throughout the leggings depending on areas of support, and I fully admit that the seams that piece everything together are a little funky looking. I suggest wearing a long top, or a cute workout skirt over the leggings if you feel self-conscious about the seams in the rear and crotch areas.

EVB Sport Review: Engineered Support in All the Right Places #womenshealth #workoutwear

I also suggest sizing down! I typically order a small bottom. The shorts I tried are a small, and the leggings are an XS. I like the way the XS feels much better, size-wise. Although I have to wriggle into them, they feel much more supportive than my standard size (the small).


The last caveat (that I also mention in the video) is that if you have vulvodynia or extreme sensitivity in the vulvar area, these might be irritating for you due to the compression and the seaming.

Overall, I give EVB Sport two thumbs up as a DARN COOL PRODUCT for women!

If you’re a walker, runner, tennis player, or power lifter, and if you feel like you could benefit from a boost of pelvic floor support and some tummy trimming power, check out EVB Sport.

Click here to learn more about Yvonne and here to see the products!

Note: Although I was provided the leggings and shorts for review, this is not a paid endorsement. The opinions are entirely my own!