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I’m living proof of the power of clean eating and moving every day.

I wasn’t always “into” fitness. In fact, as a child, I hated PE class, I was picked last for every team, and I was teased that I “ran like a chicken.” But then I found long-distance running. I came to love the sensation of losing my thoughts as my feet drummed on the pavement, over and over.

I felt free. Like I could fly.

I developed a sense of confidence and body awareness that has served me to this day.

I continued living an active lifestyle and graduated from college and post-graduate studies as a Doctor of Physical Therapy… A career that would allow me to move MY body, and to teach others how to feel better using the healing power of movement.

Then two things happened that changed my life.

1.  My anxiety and depression got worse and worse.

I experienced some very dark moments… Moments (and feelings) that I will never forget. The only thing that could pull me out of these hard times was physical activity — usually walking. I’d walk for hours, until the dark clouds lifted and the endorphins come flooding in. They say that exercise is more effective than anti-depressants; I concur.

Ultimately, I learned that the primary issue behind my mood disorder was the standard American diet that I had eaten my entire life. When I turned my diet around, my brain fog and depression lifted and I was able to shine again… But more on that later.

Dr. Bri and son, FemFusion Fitness

2. I had a baby.

After my son was born, I was appalled to see saggy skin where a toned tummy had once been. Desperate to return to my former level of fitness I started running three weeks postpartum, long before my midwife cleared me to participate in such strenuous exercise. My body wasn’t ready for the high impact of running, and I paid for it with aching knees from ligaments that were still soft and loose from pregnancy, as well as bladder leakage and mild pelvic organ prolapse. Inspired by my own difficulties, I developed a comprehensive core strengthening program for myself that eventually became the groundwork for FemFusion Fitness. It improved my bladder control and flattened my tummy to boot!

Having a baby opened my eyes to the powerful message that how you live affects your children.

Although I was active, educated, and considered myself to be generally “healthy,” I learned that I still had a long way to go for the sake of my family and myself. My anxiety and depression remained a problem. My defining moment was when I found myself on the floor of my toddler son’s bedroom, curled into a ball, hysterically crying. I remember him tenderly touching my shoulder, saying “what’s wrong, mommy?”

I will never forget that day. It was NOT my shining moment.

Thus began a very personal journey into a fascinating and important topic: the effects of FOOD and MOVEMENT on your health and happiness.

I got to work. I uncovered sneaky food sensitivities, and I turned my diet (and my health) around. The sunshine came back into my voice and my life.

I was able to shine again (and I commemorated it with a tattoo!).

In 2009 I took my message out of the clinic and into the public with my FemFusion® Fitness group fitness classes. I expanded my services by offering private health coaching and my book, Lady Bits.

My passion, my vision, and my dream is to help women heal their bodies via self-care, healthful nutrition, and safe and effective fitness. It’s a holistic way of living that will change your body and your life, and it’s contagious! When you shine brighter, others will notice your brilliance. They’ll say, “what’s your secret?” And then the student becomes the teacher… It’s a beautiful ripple effect.


I truly believe that my “eat clean, move every day message” can help change the world.

Can it help you?

Well, if your body aches from the daily stresses of work and schlepping kids around… If you want to feel toned and confident the next time you’re in a swimsuit… If you’re ready to enjoy better health and more energy… Then YES. You’re in the right place.

My workouts are proven to help women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels attain well-being, strength, and body confidence. Shed the oversized t-shirt and unleash the goddess within!

Women who have found (and loved) FemFusion Fitness:

  • Want long, lean lines rather than a body-builder’s physique.
  • Are turned off by “bootcamp” or drill-style fitness classes.
  • Want to maximize the benefits of their workout program – they don’t want to waste time with something that isn’t focused on results.
  • Want a safe and effective workout without gimmicks, fancy equipment, or expensive gym memberships.
  • Want a one-stop resource for quality women’s health information they can trust.
  • Crave a community of women who’ve been through what they have: pregnancy, childbirth, back pain, even bladder control issues… No judgment!

I believe that healthy living can — and should — be FUN… Not “punishment,” scarily competitive, hard on your body, deprivation, or a chore. FemFusion programs are balanced, safe, and effective to keep you injury-free and feeling great. From achieving a flat belly and lifted buttocks to improved bladder control, I’ve got what you need.

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Brianne Grogan | FemFusion FItnessMy formal bio:

Brianne Grogan graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2006 from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. She found her heart in the field of women’s health physical therapy early in her career. While pregnant with her son, Brianne began coursework that allowed her to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.

In 2009 Brianne left the traditional role as a clinician in order to start her own fitness revolution, FemFusion® Fitness. Today, Brianne focuses on expanding her online presence and international reach. With nearly three million views on her FemFusion Fitness YouTube channel and a 5-star reviewed book, Dr. Bri is a respected voice in the field of women’s health and wellness. She describes her YouTube channel as “the home of core + pelvic floor friendly fitness,” and is loved by her viewers for her down-to-earth, compassionate approach. She does not believe in “one size fits all” diet and exercise plans, but stands by one simple rule that applies to everyone:

For vibrant health, “eat clean, and move every day.”