Do you ever get MAD to the point where you feel like you’re going to explode?

Do you ever feel INSANE because you can’t “keep it together” the way (it seems like) other people can?

You do? ME TOO. 

As women, it seems like we’re expected to be the very PICTURE of “femininity:” serene, kind, and able to manage everything with a smile on our face and a spring in our step. But let’s get real here… No one is the blessed Mother Mary every day. All of us have our ups and downs, and sometimes we’re simply pissed off. I’m not talking about being “in a mood,” I’m talking about being ANGRY. It happens.

Fitness for Anger

Recently, I found myself knee-deep in an emotional funk. My temper was short, I was agitated and irritated, and I felt like I had a constant band of tension around my chest and a knot of pent-up energy. NEGATIVE energy.

I knew that moving my body would help (it always does!), but I couldn’t figure out what to do. Walking wasn’t cutting it… Running helped, but it didn’t sound appealing… I searched for “yoga for anger” and “yoga for anxiety,” but the videos I found didn’t work for me — although they were soothing, my tense, angry feelings still lurked in the background.

I needed something that would allow me to RELEASE the pent-up energy, so I created a quick routine of my own. I got into my “zone,” turned  on some music, and let my body move. Fitness for anger is what I came up with. It involves powerful motion, strength through the core, and a lot of LOUD BREATHING. By the end, my anger had transformed from MAD energy to more of a grounded, peaceful energy. I felt somewhat positive… Somewhat happy! I even had a little laugh at myself… It was a beautiful thing. I decided to write down the workout, record it, and share it with you.

It feels vulnerable to put this particular video out there, into the online world, for two reasons:

First, I’m NOT a kickboxing instructor and I show some kickboxing-style moves. Punching and kicking is what my body WANTED to do when I was pissed off… And so although my form might not be “perfect,” I’m sharing it with you anyway. Just be safe, don’t do anything that’s uncomfortable, keep your core nice and strong, and breathe steadily.

Secondly, I’m usually smiling in my videos, but in this one I don’t smile much! I tried to recreate my “mad face” while recording the video, but honestly? When you’re in front of a camera it can be hard to really get into it. When I was creating the workout (alone, at home) my mad face was MUCH MADDER… There was even a little yell or two. So you might watch the video and think, “girl — that’s not anger. If you want to see and feel anger, you should be in my body.” Well let me just assure you that when I created this routine I was pissed off, and the workout truly did TRANSFORM my anger into peace and calm. It works!

When you hit a rough patch due to emotional baggage you’re working through, or frustration at work, or disappointment, or ANYTHING — try putting your anger into a workout instead of making your head feel crazy and your chest feel tight.

Remember to focus on form and keeping a strong core, and don’t forget to BREATHE! Proper breathing is essential for safety, and to activate the core muscles effectively. It also helps release negative energy and detoxify the body.

Ultimately, I want you to remember: it’s okay to be mad!

Take some time to be angry… I’m sure it’s justified! Feel your emotions in your body and your mind… Allow them, and know that you’re not crazy, and you’re not “bad” for being mad.

Then, when it’s time to LET GO of the anger, try my fitness for anger routine. Breathe loud. Take up space! Let it all out! See if you can transform your anger into calm, or at least a little bit of light-heartedness. It’s far better to channel your pent-up energy into exercise than into something you’ll regret later.

I hope you enjoy fitness for anger. For more feel-good fitness and women’s health inspiration, SUBSCRIBE to my weekly love letters, and remember:

Eat clean, move every day, and you WILL shine brighter!

Dr. Bri, PT, DPT - FemFusion Fitness