The Eternal Radiance Collection


Over the summer, I decided to change my entire model of business. Rather than offering products on a piecemeal (individual) basis as before, I am now offering my entire library of women’s health videos and e-courses for one crazy-low price.

I want YOU to have balance in your life.

I don’t want you to be stressed about which video or e-course is the best for you, and I don’t want you to feel limited. I want your opportunities to be there for you, ALWAYS, with the flexibility and ease of being able to choose what’s best for you on that particular day.

  • Maybe you’re feeling stiff and sore after a long run… Follow along with my “roll it out” foam rolling video from The Back Pain Plan!
  • Need to freshen up your recipe rotation? Peruse the 21-day meal plan from the Nourish package.
  • Feeling bloated after a vacation? Grab the Weekend Reboot!
  • Stuck at home waiting for the repair guy (who could arrive anytime between 8am and 5pm… Yay…) and can’t get to the gym? No problem! Get your heart rate up with CoreCardio Burst Interval Training!
  • Stressed? Take 5 minutes to chill with my 5-minute meditation from the Core Breathing package.

All of this (and much more) is in The Eternal Radiance Collection. All of the videos and e-courses I’ve ever created (and all that I will create in the future) are now together in one place… And waiting for you. eternal radiance collection The Eternal Radiance Collection contains everything you need to get started with clean eating and daily movement:

  • Our (new) “How to Begin” e-course will take you from sedentary to strong.
  • All of our fitness programs will help you lose inches and tone up!
  • Our therapeutic e-courses will take you from painful and limited to limitless and FREE.
  • Our relaxation e-courses will take you from stressed out to blissed out.
  • Our nutrition e-courses will fuel you and your family so you can live your best life!

Although I can’t promise miracles, I can guarantee that the Eternal Radiance Collection includes all the tools you need to succeed at EATING CLEAN, and MOVING EVERY DAY. Food is powerful medicine, and “motion is lotion.” Eating clean and moving every day has become my way of life and has helped me tremendously in my own health journey. I don’t come at “health” from a get-thin perspective, I come at it from a HEAL YOUR BODY, CHANGE YOUR LIFE perspective.

What sets the Eternal Radiance Collection apart from other online health and fitness e-courses?

In my opinion, it’s the fact that you have a friend in me. Although I have a lot of knowledge, I am — (or at least I hope to be!) — approachable and down-to-earth in all of the videos/e-courses I offer.

As FemFusion friend Eilidh wrote in a recent email to me:

The reason I had never used online exercise before was because I thought it was all rather dictatorial (i.e. people shouting ‘Whatever you do, don’t stop!” at you) and I love how holistic and relaxed your workouts are – even when I’m absolutely shattered from them! It feels like a session with a friend rather than a gruelling visit with the enemy (which is how I used to view all exercise).” -Eilidh

Ready to order?

If so… Do it now! This special introductory price ($73 for lifetime access) will only last through September 20th, so order today before time runs out. freeimage-18711456-high

Eat clean. Move every day. Experience the power of feminine movement. Enjoy the freedom of a life unlimited by pain or embarrassing bladder control issues. Show off your fit, toned core. Learn how to (finally!) relax and breathe calmly, deeply, and healthfully. SHINE BRIGHTER, and be an example… Be the light.

Because when you “healthify” your life, others around you will rise to your brilliance.


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