Although the online world is wonderful, nothing  makes my heart lighter or my spirit shine brighter than connecting with my friends, clients, and community live and in-person. Here are a few ways you can bring some LIVE FemFusion love into your online (and offline) life.

Let’s connect!


My online essential oil related events are listed in the “Events” tab in my essential oil focused Facebook group. Join here!


And there’s more in the works! I’m dreaming up worldwide retreats — from New York, to Sedona (Arizona), Portugal, Nicaragua, and Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Women shining brighter all over the world! Be sure to join my email list to stay in the loop.

Want to host a “Pelvic Health 101” class or a FemFusion mini-retreat in your area? If you’re interested in bringing some FemFusion love to your location (think hip circles, women’s health info, total core fitness, and delicious clean eating), send me an email ( I’m happy to discuss options!