It’s my birthday!

For my birthday, I hope you’ll give me the gift of 5 minutes. Take 5 to read about my million women vision, and then — if you want to wrap it up with ribbons and confetti and birthday streamers — share this with a friend.

Real quick: if you don’t already know me, let me introduce myself. I am a women’s health physical therapist and fitness expert, and the author of a book called “Lady Bits.” I am passionate about helping women understand and love their unique female bodies, and helping them live their strongest, healthiest lives via holistic healthy living. My motto is “eat clean, move every day, SHINE BRIGHTER” and I believe that fitness should feel GOOD; not feel like punishment or a chore. I am doctoral trained, but I try to keep things REAL and SIMPLE. I bring my book wisdom and clinical knowledge to my online courses and free YouTube videos, but, more importantly, I bring my feminine energy and (what I hope you’ll see as) zest to something as dull as “core work,” and make it fabulous!

That’s where hip circles come in.

I started doing hip circles more than 15 years ago, when I was first introduced to gyrotonics, and then later, bellydance. I sampled diverse fitness and movement classes, from Zumba to Latin dance to African dance to pole dancing… And the common feature that made them FUN (for my uncoordinated self) and made me feel BEAUTIFUL and STRONG was HIP CIRCLES!

Thinking, “I’m onto something here,” I introduced hip circles to my physical therapy clients who were diligently trudging through their basic (read: boring) core strengthening exercises. I found that hip circles were a helpful way to LIGHTEN THINGS UP and make core fitness fun.

Bringing hip circles into your life can help you to recover postpartum, reduce back and pelvic pain, calm your nervous system, and even bring more spark to your sex life!

My million women vision:

My goal is to have 1 million women circling their hips EVERY DAY to help make the world a healthier, stronger, and LESS PAINFUL place.

Stronger, less stiff women = happier women = happier mothers and grandmas and friends = happier world.

WE ALL KNOW THE WORLD COULD USE HAPPIER PEOPLE RIGHT NOW. I won’t go too deep into this, but seriously… There’s a lot of darkness today in the news and media. We need to bring more light.

One way to bring more light is for YOU to connect with your feminine energy, feel good in your body, move more, and feel better.

It starts with ONE… One person can affect thousands with the ripple effect of sharing information and joy from one person to the next to the next.

It might sound like I’m over-simplifying world peace, or exaggerating with my statement that a single move can help light up the world. I know that hip circles aren’t everything. But you know what? They’re a start. And they are something anyone can do, anytime of the day, in any position, for an instant feel-good BOOST. Maybe that boost will keep you from yelling at your child, or from snapping at your husband, or from… Simply “snapping.”

Maybe they’ll help you hold your head up when the news of the day threatens to drag you down.

Feel better, tone up, have fun! #circlerevolution | Million Women Vision | FemFusion Fitness

How to join the vision:

Anyone can learn how to do hip circles for FREE. Click here for my morning hip circle challenge, and here for an entire playlist of free YouTube videos that are dedicated to hip circles and other forms of flowing, multi-planar movement that safely strengthens and tones the core.

Once my morning hip circle challenge reaches one million views, I’ll know I’ve reached my million women vision!

If you want to go deeper with the hip circles, you can check out my Circle Solution e-course. It’s a 21-day digital course that will help you loosen hips, limber up your back, and reconnect with your core.

Be a circle ambassador:

Learn how to do hip circles (whether via my free YouTube videos or via The Circle Solution), do them DAILY (just 3-5 minutes each day), and then SHARE THE NEWS with a friend. Tell her how great you feel! I mean seriously… When was the last time core fitness felt FUN? Hip circles can help make it fun, and they’ll make you STRONGER and less stiff.

Let’s revive this beautiful form of movement and make hip circles a standard exercise that’s not just for belly dancers but for all women, everywhere.

Help me reach my million women vision. Start doing hip circles daily, and learn a safe and fun new way to engage your core muscles, reduce your low back pain, re-connect with your abs, your breath, and even your feminine energy.

I want to leave you with one final reason to join my million women vision and circle daily, and it is that hip circles will make you feel beautiful in your body. It’s a beauty and sexiness that comes from WITHIN… Not from your face or your hair or your makeup or even your physique, but beautiful and POWERFUL from connecting to your core… your feminine center.

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