I joked with a friend the other day that although my favorite topic (pelvic health) may not be the most popular subject matter, at least there’s job security in it. Why? Because pelvic health is NOT typically discussed, and — to be honest with you — it is not well-understood by the majority of women. Personally, I didn’t understand much about pelvic health before I specialized in women’s health physical therapy. Even though I was a biology and anatomy “nerd,” the nuances of the female body (and how to take care of it) were like Greek to me.

The good news is that it’s not rocket science… It’s really quite simple! From tips and tricks such as proper body mechanics during exercise and lifting, to how to do a correct kegel, there is SO MUCH TO TEACH and for women to learn. I truly feel that a “pelvic health basics” class should be REQUIRED for all women, everywhere.

Better yet, a “pelvic health 101” course should be integrated into high school curriculum for all young women in order to PREVENT problems before they start.

It’s time to lift the veil of secrecy that cloaks the menstrual cycle… To shine a light on the taboos around sex… To eliminate the embarrassment and shame that often surround common concerns such as prolapse and incontinence… And to get to know and understand our own bodies (and how to take care of them).

Unfortunately, there is no owner’s manual when it comes to being a woman (although my book comes close)! However, there are lots of women’s health warriors out there, doing their part to educate women and to make pelvic health something that women can grasp and take seriously. I’m one of those warriors, and the following videos are my way of shining some light on pelvic health and providing basic info that (I hope) will help someone, somewhere, understand her body and maybe even teach a thing or two to her daughter.

“Pelvic Health 101” is almost an hour, and covers some great information including fantastic questions from the audience. I even learned a new term from one of the audience members: Hulk Vagina! Oh my…

In “Common Fitness Terms DECODED,” I explain why I say “put your hands on your hips” (even though it’s kinda wrong), what it means to keep your hips/pelvis “square,” and how to “engage your core.”

Enjoy, and please share these pelvic health basics with someone you love! If you were intrigued by the information in the videos and want to learn more, I recommend checking out my book, Lady Bits, and my newest e-course, The Circle Solution.

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