Wonder Down Under

Yep… I’m going there. I’m talking about body odor. And not just in the armpit region. Listen… It happens. Almost anyone who exercises or gets sweaty will know the not so fresh feeling that can occur “down under” after a fitness class or simply a long day running errands. As a woman who has made a career out of fitness, I have had a need for “Popo Powder” for years, and now — finally — there is a product that is much more FUN than my previous experimentation with baking soda, and SAFER than my other past go-to: a body powder filled with talc and weird chemicals and preservatives.


The ingredients in Popo Powder are all natural. Nothing lab-created or toxic… Just quality ingredients that I feel safe putting on my body (heck, most of the ingredients I’d even eat).

  • Organic arrowroot
  • Aluminum free baking soda
  • Kaolin clay
  • Magnesium
  • Organic cocoa butter
  • Essential Oils

And how cool is this: Popo Powder is made in FRESH BATCHES WEEKLY!!!

photo (74)

As stated on their website:

“This herbal body powder has been created after a high demand for odor protection down under!  We know the apocrine stinky glands are in the pit and groin areas, and many athletes are looking for a solution to battle the odor down under!  Popo powder is made with no talc, preservatives or toxic chemicals,  just pure primal protection for your popo or any area you may need it! Use your imagination!”


So far I’ve sprinkled it in my underwear for its intended purpose, I’ve sprinkled it lightly in my hair to absorb excess oil from my scalp (this is a polite way of saying that my hair was greasy and I didn’t have time to take a shower), I’ve used it in my son’s smelly shoes, and I’ve sprinkled it in my armpits over my Primal Pit Paste deodorant as “back up” odor protection.

Does it work?

Yes. I get SWEATY in the FemFusion classes I teach, and last Friday — after teaching a class and following up with ADDITIONAL exercise with a dear friend — I was still fresh as a daisy. The same applied this morning, when I worked out with some friends wearing my Zaggora “Viva Capri” HotPants(TM). HotPants are all about making your lower body SWEAT. When I wore my HotPants WITHOUT Popo powder, I was… Shall we say… AWARE of my scent. I was cautious about getting too close to my workout companions for fear of offending them. But when I wore my HotPants WITH Popo powder, I didn’t smell at all. Again, I felt (and smelled) fresh as a daisy!

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