If you’re a mom (or grandma, or nanny) and you have a toddler around, you KNOW how it feels to walk on eggshells to keep him or her from waking up from that precious, precious NAP!

When you’re looking for a quick workout for naptime (or anytime, for that matter), try this quick + QUIET full body workout. It strengthens and stretches your hips and core, it’s non-impact, and it’s easy to slip in when you’re short on space and time.

Even if you’re not in need of “naptime fitness,” you’ll benefit from this routine. Taking a quick break from computer work? Need a short respite from… Well… From everything? This will make you feel better.

Truly, my friends… There is NO NEED to gather up your stuff and head to the gym in order to boost your endorphins. Just put on some comfortable clothes and get moving with this quick workout for naptime (or anytime):

One more thing: whether you’re a new mom, an “experienced” mom (i.e. 6 years or 16 years out), or a “maybe someday” mom, don’t miss the important self-checks I discuss in this blog post.

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Remember… Eat clean, move every day, and you WILL shine brighter! Fitness should feel good, and keeping it quick, simple, and FUN will make it appealing and SUSTAINABLE. If you need motivation to start (and then continue) an exercise program, this is TRULY the key:

Make sure your exercises are safe for your body’s needs, and then keep ’em fun and attainable!

Lots of healthy living love coming your way,

Dr. Bri, DPT