Tense? Tired? Sore? Boost your energy and RELEASE TENSION with SHIMMIES! Shoulder and hip shimmies are a fantastic way to “shake things up” and release both pelvic and neck/shoulder tension. If you have a desk job, or if you’re a pregnant or nursing mom, I know you know what I mean by neck and shoulder tension… Ack! Those knots are killer!

The best part? Shimmies can reduce jaw tension and HEADACHE PAIN as well.

Why? Two reasons (that are actually connected):

First, there’s a definite correlation between neck and shoulder muscular tension and HEADACHE SYMPTOMS; thus, using shoulder shimmies to “unravel” tight neck and shoulder muscles can make a direct impact on your next headache.

Second, there’s evidence to support a connection between pelvic tension and jaw tension.

Huh??? The pelvis affects the jaw???

Turns out, YES! It’s all about FASCIA.

Fascia is the most widely distributed tissue within the body. Have you ever prepared chicken and noticed the thin membrane that surrounds the meat? That’s fascia.

Fascia is local AND global, meaning that it surrounds individual muscle fibers, as well as the entire muscle, and GROUPS of muscles… But fascia doesn’t stop there. It also connects muscles to bones and it connects one group of muscles to the next via the “blending together” factor. Essentially, it surrounds the entire inside of the body like a body stocking (think of it as one big “catsuit”), and one region of fascia (i.e. surrounding one muscle group) blends into the next region of fascia (i.e. fascia surrounding a neighboring muscle group).

In keeping with the body stocking or “catsuit” analogy, fascia works as a distributive network to keep appropriate tension — and thus structural integrity — within your body. In a nutshell, fascia keeps your body taut and hooks everything together. 

As you can imagine, the network of myofascial connections within the body is EXTENSIVE. It’s the same with the NERVES in your body! For example, the sciatic nerve is the largest and longest single nerve, traveling from its exit point in your spine extending all the way down the back of your legs to your TOES.

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Spine to toes… That’s long!

The facial connections are similar in extent (length and breadth). As previously stated, the fascial tissues that surround one group of muscles “blend in” with the tissues that surround the next group of muscles; and those blend in to the next and the next… And so on and so forth. So what happens in one area of your body will affect a distant area, simply because of the way your nerves and connective tissues are INTERCONNECTED.

This is why you can release shoulder tension with hip shimmies.

This is why you might be able to HIP CIRCLE your next headache away.

This is why a walk can make you feel better EVERYWHERE: Because every piece of your body is connected to every OTHER piece of your body via your extensive networks of nerves and fascia!

So in short, the next time you feel a headache coming on, or tightness in your jaw, do some hip circles or shimmies! Shoulder shimmies, pelvic shimmies… Whatever… Just move your body to keep your joints juicy, your fascia healthy, your muscles relaxed, the blood circulating, and your body “buzzing” with life.

Have fun releasing tension with SHIMMIES. The video is short… Do it now!

For more information about fascia that’s FUN AND EASY TO READ, check out this fantastic post from Breaking Muscle. They state what I state: that everything is connected, and to keep your body (and your fascia) healthy by MOVING MORE. Now, they don’t mention hip circles or shimmies… That’s where I come in. 😉

If you have any questions about fascia or shimmies or ANYTHING, don’t hesitate to contact me! I love hearing from you.

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