Shape Tea Review: “Relax”

Brianne Grogan

A delicious way to unwind.


I love the theory that you should rest as hard as you train.

Logically and intuitively, I know the value of R & R… But it’s hard for me. I’m a go-getter. “Type A” all the way, and I admit that I often have to force myself to unwind and chill out at least once a day (my “Miracle Morning” routine helps tremendously). I could go for weeks without putting my feet up, but then I inevitably crash.

When Shape Teas offered me to try out their new “Relax” herbal tea blend, I thought “YES! This is just what I need.” When I looked on their website and saw that the “Relax” blend “tastes just like cookies,” I was hooked.

shape tea 1

shape tea

Here’s the lowdown on my experience with “Relax” by Shape Tea:

  • It smells wonderful. It doesn’t taste like cookies, in my opinion, but it does smell somewhat caramel-ish and it’s LOVELY to look at, with flower petals interspersed throughout the rooibos tea leaves and herbs.
  • If you’re a rooibos tea lover, you will really enjoy this blend.
  • The brew is calming and relaxing, which is absolutely essential for health. The mind, body, and spirit are all connected, and stress — or at least how we perceive and deal with stress — can be disastrous to our health if left unchecked. Anything that can help me CHILL gets a positive vote in my book.
  • It’s a loose leaf tea, so you don’t need to worry about funky chemicals or materials that can be used in tea bags.
  • I used a french press to steep my tea for 7-9 min (the instructions say 5-7 min, but I prefer my brew a little stronger).
  • All of the ingredients in “Relax” are USDA certified organic, as well as gluten and caffeine free.
  • Initially, it seems a bit spendy ($20 for a 4 oz tin). However, each tin provides 38 servings… So if you break it down, it’s just 53 cents per serving. Not bad if you only drink a cup a day.

And the best news?

Shape Tea has offered a coupon code to YOU, our loyal readers! The discount code for Shape Tea is “shapetealife.” The code is good for 20% off any purchase. Choose between Active (a pre-workout formula to give you a boost), Cleanse (regulate your body’s natural cleansing processes), and Relax (calming ingredients to help you repair and rebuild). Click here to browse their products and to learn more about Shape Tea.

*D I S C L A I M E R: Shape Tea sent me tea for free in exchange for a review. The opinions are of my own and were not swayed by Shape Tea. The links listed above are NOT affiliate links.

How do you relax?

Are you a tea drinker?

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