Cranberry-Orange Smoothie for Bladder Health | FemFusion Fitness

Cranberry Orange Smoothie for Bladder Health

One of the many things I love about Thanksgiving and Christmas is the availability of fresh cranberries, those gorgeous red globes of goodness that make turkey SO FUN! I don’t really care for turkey, but you dollop some cranberry relish on it, and I’m hooked. Turkey coma here I come!!! Cranberries are one of the worlds […]

Bone-building, immune-boosting #dairyfree smoothie | FemFusion Fitness

Green Smoothie Tips + Bone Building Recipe

Smoothies are a convenient way to get a meal-full of goodness in a glass. Many of you use smoothies as your go-to breakfast or mid-morning snack, and that’s wonderful! If you’re like me, you feel especially “virtuous” when you make a GREEN smoothie loaded with raw veg and fruit. Well girlfriend, you ARE virtuous, and […]

Lusty Lady Libido-Enhancing Smoothie

This is a shining example of clean, plant-powered, REAL FOOD goodness. Read about the health (and libido) enhancing benefits of each ingredient as you savor every sweet-tart sip and the subtle notes of rich cocoa. This recipe is featured in my upcoming book, Lady Bits… Watch for more news in the months ahead! UPDATE: It’s here! Click […]

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