Gluten Free Blender Bread... And the best thing of all is that it's SO EASY! | FemFusion Fitness

High Protein Gluten Free Blender Bread

This high protein gluten free blender bread was inspired by the Trim Healthy Mama ladies, Serene and Pearl. Are you familiar with Trim Healthy Mama (THM, as fans call it)? I have to say, I’m smitten! I’m not entirely “on plan,” but I love their BALANCED approach to healthy eating. I find that it really […]

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Collagen Beauty Bites

You already know about my love for essential oils, and you might also know about my obsession with collagen. Enter Collagen Beauty Bites. These balls are DA BOMB (when was the last time you heard THAT phrase???)! If you’re a superfood junkie like me you’re gonna love these little bites of goodness: Get an energizing, beautifying, […]

Paleo Brownie Mix In-A-Jar Recipe / D.I.Y. tutorial... Gift-giving made easy! #glutenfree #paleo | FemFusion Fitness

Paleo Brownie Mix (Mason Jar Gift)

The hardest thing about Paleo baking is the use of strange nut, seed, and root-based flours. These random (and somewhat obscure) ingredients can seem intimidating to people who are interested in gluten-free, grain-free baking but are not yet accustomed to it. If you’re already on the gluten-free, grain-free bandwagon and have grain-free flours coming out of your ears, […]

Bone-building, immune-boosting #dairyfree smoothie | FemFusion Fitness

Green Smoothie Tips + Bone Building Recipe

Smoothies are a convenient way to get a meal-full of goodness in a glass. Many of you use smoothies as your go-to breakfast or mid-morning snack, and that’s wonderful! If you’re like me, you feel especially “virtuous” when you make a GREEN smoothie loaded with raw veg and fruit. Well girlfriend, you ARE virtuous, and […]

Brain food! Magnesium-rich make-ahead salad #glutenfree | FemFusion FItness

Brain food! Recipe for focus and memory

As a child, my parents encouraged me to FUEL my body and mind. “Eat up,” my dad would say…. “This is brain food!” Other family favorites were, “Eat up… This is GROWING food!” and the all-purpose, “This’ll stick to your ribs!” Healthy, hearty food was a way that my parents showed me love and affection, and I […]