Yoga for Pelvic Discomfort - A 30 minute gentle routine that is helpful for people with Coccydynia, Pudendal Neuralgia, and Proctalgia Fugax... Or generalized pelvic pain/tension.

Yoga for Pelvic Discomfort

I have a new video for you: Yoga for Pelvic Discomfort! This 30-minute routine may be helpful for various types of pelvic discomfort, including: Coccydynia, Pudendal Neuralgia, Proctalgia Fugax, Dyspareunia (painful sex) as a result of Vaginismus or Vulvodynia… Or simply a generalized sense of pelvic pain or tension. Yes, these are all very different […]

Quick Back Body Flow for strength and flexibility | FemFusion Fitness

Back Body Flow for Strength and Flexibility

Isn’t the image above gorgeous? No, it’s not me. But the model’s flexibility — and most of all, the look and feel of JOY that her motion portrays — inspires me! This back body flow is one of my favorite workouts, because it FEELS. SO. GOOD. Some of the motions might be a bit much for […]

Yoga Mat Affirmations | FemFusion Fitness

Yoga Mat Affirmations

Can you tell that I’ve been “feeling it” for yoga lately? Yoga is not new to me; I’ve been practicing yoga since I was in my teens, although not as consistently as I do today. In my last post, I discussed the importance of maintaining proper alignment during yoga (and how practicing in your undies […]

Why I do yoga in my undies... (Hint: it's all about alignment!) | FemFusion Fitness

Why I Do Yoga In My Undies

I do yoga in my undies. It’s not to admire myself, and it’s not some kind of “kinky” thing… Rather, partially-clothed yoga (or heck, even naked yoga) is all about alignment! In day-to-day life, maintaining good posture and alignment is super important. But in yoga, alignment is EVERYTHING. If you’re not properly aligned, you can really hurt yourself. When […]