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Experience the convenience of at-home learning and the peace of mind that comes from training under the expertise of a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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Do you have back or hip pain? Looking for safe exercise options for diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction? My online courses can help.* Click on the images above to see the current offerings!

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Browse my online courses (click the images for more info). Circle your back pain away with The Circle Solution, and safely strengthen your core with Ab Camp and FemFusion’s newest offering, Booty Glute Camp.

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*As with any exercise/wellness program, please understand that everyone is different and will respond differently to the exercises and information presented. Results are not guaranteed. You should consult with a healthcare provider before beginning this (or any other) exercise program, and always listen to your body. Stop if anything is painful or uncomfortable. Click here to view our website and medical disclaimer.