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Let’s hang out on YouTube!

My plan for 2017 is to offer tons of FREE content via weekly YouTube videos. I will NOT be blogging, and I won’t be spending too much time on other social media platforms… So subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to know when my “Movement Monday” and “Q&A Tuesday” videos are released!

I want to bring pelvic health to the PEOPLE in 2017 (and beyond)! I realize that this topic is everyone’s cup of tea… But for those who need it, I know it will SERVE. And that’s my mission in life… To serve.

My other mission is to talk about weird things that other people don’t want to discuss. Hey, someone’s gotta do it!

So pop on over to YouTube, subscribe to my channel, and check out my specially curated playlists including:

  • Mini Movement Breaks (Core Workouts < 10 Minutes)
  • Movement Breaks (Core Workouts 11 – 30 Minutes)
  • Core Workouts > 30 Minutes
  • Q&A with Dr. Bri
  • Focus on the Pelvic Floor (Pain, Prolapse, Incontinence)
  • Focus on Diastasis Recti, Prenatal, and Postpartum
  • “Ask the Experts” Interviews
  • The Circle Revolution (Hip Circles and More!)

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