Zipping up

Ahhh… posture and core strength. Two areas in which so many of us feel sub-par… But here’s a way to remind yourself to engage the muscles of your core and to have lovely, tall, feminine posture: just remember to “zip up.”

Often, when we think of both posture and core strength we focus on the abs. We’ll stand tall and suck in our bellies. But in order to truly and safely engage the muscles of the core (which helps protect your back, prevent prolapse, and keeps you looking trim) you need to start at the base of the core — the pelvic floor.

How to “zip up:”

Imagine a zipper that starts at the pelvic floor. Think of pulling the zipper up as you engage your pelvic floor muscles (do a gentle kegel), then engage your abdominals (think of drawing your bellybutton gently in and up), and then stand tall with your shoulders drawn gently back (don’t let them round/hunch forward!). You’re now zipped up, and you look fantastic! You’ll feel more confident too… You go, girl. (Or boy.)

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