Scent can transport you to another time and place. Aroma goes straight to your brain, activating memories, emotions, pleasure, and feel-good neurotransmitters that can actually CHANGE your mental state. I have been dabbling in aromatherapy and essential oils for the past few years, and because scent has become such a big part of my life, I created a special diffuser blend to help motivate you through Ab Camp, my (free!) online program coming up June 30-July 18, 2017.

The Ab Camp Diffuser Blend is formulated to simultaneously relax, motivate, and inspire you. Diffuse it before, during, or after your Ab Camp workouts.

This warm, woodsy blend will take you back to childhood and summer camp: to long days in the sun, playing tag with your friends, tramping through warm, dry pine needles in the woods, meandering from your bunk to the campfire circle…

Sunshine on your shoulders, wild blackberries ripe for the picking… Orange popsicles melting…

Sticky fingers, wild hair, and not a care in the world.


Maybe that’s just me… But I hope you’ll feel the same way too.

Check out Ab Camp’s “signature scent” my Ab Camp Diffuser Blend, featuring wild orange, white fir, cedarwood, and eucalyptus essential oils. Recipe created for a small to medium sized atomizing diffuser.

Ab Camp Diffuser Blend | FemFusion Fitness

Give the Ab Camp Diffuser Blend a try! Click here to order the oils you’ll need to make this blend a reality.

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Remember to mark your calendar for Ab Camp, running June 30-July 18, 2017 for FREE on my YouTube channel! Ab Camp is a holistic core fitness program designed to safely strengthen the core + pelvic floor WITHOUT traditional exercises (think standard crunches and sit-ups) that can do more harm than good for certain individuals.

The purpose of Ab Camp is to wake up your deep core muscles, trim and tone your tummy, and help you get to know and understand your body just a little bit better.

Ab Camp is safe for prolapse and diastasis recti as long as you follow my instructions for breathing and technique. Not all of the moves will work for everyone, but that’s the beauty of Ab Camp… As you’ll see, I continuously encourage you to check in and listen to your body throughout the duration of Ab Camp.

Best part? It’s FREE. You don’t even need to join another email list or sign up for anything! I do, however, ask you to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when the daily videos come out.

I also ask you to share this awesome opportunity with your friends. Share this blog post or send them to my YouTube channel… It’s always better with company!

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If you prefer to download your fitness videos (so you can watch without an Internet connection), you can purchase a downloadable + ad-free edition of Ab Camp right here.

I can’t wait to see you in Ab Camp. Get out your diffuser, get out your yoga mat, and GET READY.

Lots of healthy living love coming your way,

Dr. Bri, PT, DPT - FemFusion Fitness

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