Airplane fitness is a must when traveling. I am blessed to have two trips coming up within the next month, which makes my mind + spirit EXCITED, but my body CRINGE. I can already feel the crick in my neck, the mid-back tension, and the achy hips from too much sitting. Between the drive to and from the airport, time spent waiting for the plane, time sitting on the plane, and layovers, travel is a recipe for pain and stiffness if you don’t keep ahead of it.

Watch the quick vid below for airplane fitness tips and a 90-second routine you can do in the airplane bathroom (or in the aisle if you don’t care about stares). To sum up the airplane bathroom routine, it includes: trunk twist, side-bend stretches, standing oblique crunches, heel raises, mini-squats + heel raises, and mini hip circles or hip figure-8’s.

I also demonstrate two exercises you can do in your airplane seat without bugging your neighbor too much (heel lifts and rear-lifts), and three key moves for your layover (walking, bathroom stall squats, and a DELICIOUS hip stretch).

Travel Essentials:

Consider using essential oils as airport/airplane survival tools! They are small enough to pass security and won’t add significant bulk to your hand-luggage. If you email me, I’ll send you a list of specific recommendations that you can use pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight to:

  • support your immune system (this is essential since you’re breathing recirculated air throughout the flight… it’s especially important when you’re sitting near a passenger who’s sick! How many times have you cursed your seat assignment after realizing that your neighbor is coughing and hacking?)
  • make it easier to sleep (hint: lavender!)
  • prevent nausea and freshen your breath upon arrival (hint: peppermint!)
  • soothe sore muscles or joints during or after your flight (blends containing Wintergreen Leaf, Camphor Bark, Peppermint, and Helichrysum are particularly soothing)
  • boost energy upon arrival at your final destination (blends containing citrus will put an instant smile on your face)

Email me ( and I’ll tell you exactly what I recommend, and how to get your hands on ’em.

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Last thing: Remember to bring along a copy of Lady Bits for the plane ride… Educate yourself while you’re flying the friendly skies!

Love and safe travels to you all… I’ll be blogging this month, but not as PROLIFICALLY as usual due to my crazy travel schedule. Still feel free to email me with any comments, concerns, questions about fitness or essential oils, etc. I love hearing from you!

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