Anti-aging posture, plus look taller and slimmer…

Did the words “anti-aging posture” get your attention? I mean, seriously… Who doesn’t want to look younger and sleeker?!! Time only marches FORWARD, and there’s no slowing it down. Although we can (and should) EMBRACE the process of aging, I’d venture to guess that 100% of us would like to age as gracefully as possible. One simple thing you can do TODAY to look and feel younger is to assess — and improve, if needed — your posture.


Anti-Aging Posture: Two Reasons

1) Poor posture is a marker of old age. Choose anti-aging posture (good posture) instead!

I know a gorgeous woman who stands with her shoulders rounded and her upper back hunched… And honestly? It makes her look about 10 years older than her actual age.

When you think of an elderly person, you likely imagine someone who is small in stature with a forward head, and a rounded (“hunched”) upper back. You might even picture a flattened low back and a soft tummy.

This is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you will look like when you practice anti-aging posture:

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2) Anti-aging posture protects your back AND your pelvic floor.

When you sit, stand, walk, and move with proper musculoskeletal alignment (i.e. “anti-aging posture”), you protect your back and your pelvic floor.

Proper alignment protects your BACK by keeping the natural curves of your spine in their ideal positions. This makes your spine is strong and stable, and the muscles and ligaments that attach to your spine don’t have to STRAIN like they do when you’re hunchy or droopy.

Proper alignment protects your PELVIC FLOOR by:

  • Maintaining your core muscles (including the pelvic floor, hips, abs, back, and breathing diaphragm) in their optimal positions for maximum stability and support.
  • Keeping your pelvis in a neutral alignment so that your pelvic floor muscles (and the bony structure of the pelvis itself) naturally supports your pelvic organs.
  • Preventing excessive downward pressure on your abdominal contents and pelvic organs.

There’s more to in than just “standing tall.”

Anti-aging posture isn’t complicated, but it does take a simple assessment that you can do from the ground up. Follow along with this quick video:

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Until next time, eat clean, move every day, SHINE BRIGHTER!

Dr. Bri, PT, DPT - FemFusion Fitness