Join me for a 5 Day At-Home Retreat!

I have retreats on my mind! With Denver around the corner and Morocco concluded, I created an at-home event for those of you who couldn’t join me in person. This 5-day yoga and meditation video series focuses on pelvic floor health. It’s time to create a sacred space for you and focus on releasing tension and safely strengthening your core. Check out all of the videos, all in one place right here! I have added some essential oil recommendations to add to your retreat experience. You can learn more about oils or if you are interested in working with me by clicking here.

Note: The “At-Home Retreat for Your Pelvic Floor Series” is safe for most women with mild to moderate diastasis recti and/or pelvic organ prolapse as long as you follow my cues for breathing and technique; however, everybody is different and you MUST listen to your own body. STOP if anything is painful, uncomfortable, or feels aggravating for your personal pelvic floor/core needs. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns relative to your condition.

Day 1. Opening Yoga for Your Pelvic Floor  

Day One is an OPENING yoga routine for your pelvic floor. Use props as needed (yoga blocks, strap, and blanket). Today’s focus is EASE as you stretch, relax, and release your hips and pelvic muscles.

The essential oil of the day is peppermint.

Day 2. CONNECT Stretching and Core Breathing

Day Two begins with a stretching routine to release tension in your neck, upper back, and hips and calms your mind using the power of core breathing. Via simple anatomy education and pranayama (breathing exercises), you will increase awareness of the connection between your breathing diaphragm and your pelvic floor.

The essential oil of the day is Breathe Respiratory Blend.

Day 3. Emotional + Physical RELEASE

Day 3 begins with an activity to help you identify and release emotions and memories that might be contributing to discomfort and/or tension in your pelvic area. The hip + core strengthening workout begins at 22:00 if you prefer to skip ahead.

The essential oil of the day is Lavender.

Day 4. RELAX Full Body Self-Massage

Day Four (“Relax”) helps you work out the kinks with two styles of self-massage: a gentle technique using your hands, and a deep tissue technique using tennis balls or specialized massage balls.

The essential oils of the day are Lavender and Peppermint.

Day 5. FULL CIRCLE Strengthen and Stretch

Today we bring things FULL CIRCLE with a yoga flow that stretches and strengthens the hips, core, and pelvic floor. Incorporating breathing and self-awareness with the movements helps you “tune in” as you “tone up!” If you have pelvic pain/tension, be sure to spend extra time RELAXING your pelvic floor via deep breathing and stretching at the end of this session.

The essential oil of the day is Wild Orange.

Curious about the essential oils I use and love? Browse my favorites oils right here.

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~Dr. Bri, PT, DPT

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