The Circle Solution is here! Let’s get ready to CIRCLE!!!

Beat back pain, tone your core, and learn how to make flowing, multi-planar movement a part of your everyday life. Got questions? See below!

Q: I have a herniated disc in my lower back. Are hip circles safe for me?

A: YES, hip circles should be fine, even with a herniated disc. Of course, you should always listen to your body, and to medical advice first and foremost. If your doctor gives you a RED LIGHT, then do not participate in hip circles… Follow his or her medical prescription. That being said, I can tell you with confidence that when I was in clinical practice as a physical therapist, I prescribed hip circles (as part of a global core strengthening program) to many of my patients with low back pain and herniated discs, and the results were always GOOD. There were never any ill-effects as long as clients started slow and gradually progressed.

If you try hip circles, start SLOW and with small/gentle circles. See how it feels. If it’s okay, you can make the circles a little bit bigger. Keep your knees soft and your head and shoulders as still as possible. Place your hands on your hips for back and pelvic support.

Slight discomfort from muscles “waking up” is okay, but PAIN is never okay. If you experience any numbness or tingling, or changes in bodily functions (such as difficulty controlling your bladder or bowels) then contact your doctor immediately.

It’s important to know that this program is NOT intended for women with debilitating pain, for women experiencing numbness or tingling that radiates from the site of pain, or for women who desire a high-intensity workout. If you are experiencing severe pain or have ANY questions about your ability/readiness to participate in this program, please consult your healthcare provider.

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Q: Are these videos belly dance lessons? Will The Circle Solution make me a dancer?

I am not a professional dancer, and these videos are not meant to be dance lessons. Please do not go into The Circle Solution with the intention of learning how to belly dance! Belly dancers are visual artists who often have years of practice and training. Furthermore, belly dance uses different terminology (and even slightly different techniques) than that which I demonstrate in The Circle Solution.

So in short, NO. These videos are not belly dance lessons. Although you will glean skills and body-awareness that may make you more comfortable on the dance floor, The Circle Solution is NOT dance instruction. It is meant to be a fun fitness alternative with movements that are therapeutic in nature.

Q: I have prolapse. Is The Circle Solution safe for my condition?

Yes! Watch the video below for details:

Q: I have diastasis recti. Will The Circle Solution fix it?

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The Circle Solution is safe for pregnancy, postpartum, and for women with diastasis recti (DR). That being said, the intentions of the program are to teach you various forms of multi-planar movement, to tone your core and reduce back pain, and to inspire you to continue circling after the 21 days are over. The primary intention is not to treat DR. It will NOT aggravate your condition, and it will be helpful for you on several levels (total core strength and flexibility, etc.), but if you’re looking for a program that’s designed SPECIFICALLY for DR, then I would actually direct you to MuTu system (the first item I discuss on this page).

Q: How long are the videos?

I know your time is precious, so The Circle Solution is achievable, even for the busiest schedules. The longest video is 29 minutes (“Stretch and Strengthen Prep”), and the remaining videos range from 10-17 minutes each.

Q: I haven’t received my links and documents!

When you purchase The Circle Solution you’ll receive instant access to the documents and links required for this online program via EMAIL. However, sometimes the emails get trapped by junk/spam filters. Check there first! If you haven’t received a welcome email within 12-24 hours, contact me (  

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Q: Why is The Circle Solution 21 days? What if I need longer than 21 days to complete the videos?

Twenty-one days is long enough to notice a difference, but short enough to be sustainable. It’s also a period of time that helps establish habit formation – hopefully a habit/routine that you will continue for life!

The Circle Solution video schedule is noted in the Intro Guide you’ll receive as soon as you make your purchase. The schedule is 21 days in length. If you need longer than 21 days, it’s no problem! Simply adjust the schedule as needed. Perhaps you would prefer to do each video 3 times, or even 4 or 5 times, before moving on to the next. That’s absolutely fine. Just keep going, stay consistent, and intersperse additional rest days if needed.

Q: What should I wear? Do I need any special equipment?

Wear comfortable clothing. You do not need to wear shoes. You don’t need any special equipment other than a yoga mat for the “Stretch and Strengthen Prep” and a chair or countertop (or wall, or the back of a couch, etc.) for occasional balance/support.

If your hips or hamstrings are tight, you might need a chair, bolster, and/or yoga blocks for some of the stretching exercises.


Q: What if I’m sore after doing the videos?

If you’re new to multi-planar movement, you might feel mild soreness as certain hip and core muscles “wake up.” Although the videos are scheduled over a period of 21 days (see schedule above), feel free to spread them out over a longer period if you need additional rest breaks. Just don’t go too long between videos, or you will get out of the routine and won’t experience the benefits of consistent circle practice.

Bottom line: Discomfort from using your muscles in a new way is okay, but pain is not okay. If you have any questions or concerns, speak with your healthcare provider.

Q: Are there any precautions I need to know?

The Circle Solution videos are gentle and non-impact; they are perfect for beginners (or any fitness level) who are currently suffering from mild-moderate nagging hip and/or back pain, for women who are pregnant or postpartum (after medical clearance to begin gentle exercise), or for women who have previously experienced hip and/or back pain and wish to prevent relapse.

Q: What do I do after the 21 days are over?

Circle daily! As I love to say, “motion is lotion,” and regularly moving your body in all directions with multi-planar movement such as hip circles will keep your joints lubricated and your body healthy and strong.

The Circle Solution is a great way to learn a variety of multi-planar movements and to be inspired to CIRCLE FOR LIFE.

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