I had no idea how many women “hover” over the toilet seat until just recently when I was telling a group of girlfriends about this very blog post.

They said, “What?!! You SIT DOWN on public toilet seats?” 

Why yes, I do.

And if you don’t sit down fully (due to concern over germs), then we need to change that.

You see, “hovering” over the toilet seat prevents your pelvic floor (and other core) muscles from fully relaxing. Thus, your bladder will likely NOT EMPTY ALL THE WAY. This leads to incomplete evacuation which can contribute to urinary urgency and frequency or that feeling of “I’ve always gotta go!”

SIDENOTE: I talk more about urinary urgency and frequency, in the following video:

But back to the idea of “hovering” and my recipe for all-natural cleansing toilet seat wipes. If you’re not a fan of the FULL SIT you need to make these! They’re easy and portable — ideal to stick in your purse and keep handy for your next outing.

DIY all-natural toilet seat wipes | FemFusion Fitness

Recipe for All-Natural Toilet Seat Wipes:

❤ 1 quart-size zipper bags (freezer bags are best)
❤ 6 full-size paper towels
❤ 1/2 cup water
❤ 2 tsp rubbing alcohol
❤ 6 drops melaleuca essential oil (I can help you get started with essential oils! Work with me…)

Mix water, alcohol, and melaleuca in quart freezer bag. Add folded paper towels. Seal bag tightly. Turn upside down. Towels will be fully damp within 5-10 minutes. If too damp after letting them sit for 5-10 minutes, add another 1-2 folded paper towels.

Store bag in purse or travel bag. Use 1 damp wipe to clean your public toilet seat (toss or flush after using). Wipes will keep for 2 weeks (or longer) if bag is tightly sealed.

Video Tutorial:

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