Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer

Understand your pelvic floor with this “personal” trainer…

Elvie kegel exercise tracker review + video | FemFusion FItness

The Elvie pelvic floor trainer helps you LEARN MORE about your body, and it helps you CONNECT WITH your pelvic floor. The motion sensors inside the Elvie pod measure pelvic floor muscle movement and give highly accurate biofeedback through the Elvie app (which is super easy and fun to use, by the way). It can be difficult to exercise a muscle you can’t see, but Elvie provides you visual feedback and motivating targets. The app also provides guidance for women who have difficulty contracting their pelvic floor, and will let you know (by the visual graphics) if you are not fully RELAXING your pelvic floor. I explain more in this post.

As you (hopefully!) know, it’s just just about having a strong pelvic floor… Rather, it’s about having a coordinated, supple, strong, and active pelvic floor that can RELAX just as easily as it can contract. This strong (but balanced) state of pelvic floor health will help prevent bladder leakage, support your pelvic organs, and maximize your core strength. Elvie can help you achieve this!

Using Elvie helps you REMEMBER to strengthen (and relax) your pelvic floor, and best of all, it means your kegels will never be boring again! To see Elvie in action, check out this video:

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