I hereby challenge you to add a 1-minute plank to your daily fitness routine.

You can plank whenever and wherever you want… Right after you wake up, before you get in the shower, on your lunch break, during your regularly scheduled exercise session, after dinner, before bed… WHATEVER!

I was inspired to include daily planks in my 6-Week Fem Challenge by Stacey Lei Krauss’s “World Plank” Challenge. As stated on the willPower Method blog:

“The PLANK is a simple exercise for body, mind and spirit. If everyone in the world would hold a one minute plank every day, we would all enjoy a world of stronger, more fit and centered people…. Just 1 minute a day will make a difference when it comes to increasing core strength and muscular endurance, and mostly, building your willPower. Let’s change the world with the power of positive intention.”

Don’t know how to plank? Well, I’m CERTAINLY not going to re-invent the wheel when the ultimate guide to “planking” has already been created. Click here for a FANTASTIC downloadable PDF document with pictures, instruction, and inspiration.

Learn how to plank CORRECTLY to avoid injury and to harness the amazing power of the plank!

Plank Challenge: Get your plank on… RIGHT NOW!

Last thing: I uploaded a new video to YouTube. It’s perfect for those of you looking for something higher-impact that will really get your heart rate up. Just remember to be “light as a feather” and to ZIP UP before each high intensity interval.

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